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Vic RICKY BALCOMBE: Murdered in Geelong, Vic - 1985 *ARREST**GUILTY*

Discussion in 'Australia: Cold Cases' started by MarlyWings, May 2, 2015.

  1. MarlyWings

    MarlyWings Retired Staff

    Police hope $1m reward can solve the 20-year murder mystery of Ricky Balcombe

    May 01, 2015

    POLICE are hoping a $1 million reward will bring to justice the person who killed a teenage boy 20 years ago.

    A man in a hoodie stabbed Ricky Balcombe, 16, in the leg and chest in front of his best mate and stunned bystanders.

    Ricky’s friend narrowly escaped after being chased through Geelong streets.

    Charges against Karl Hague over the May 5, 1995, killing were dropped in 1998, nine days before a Supreme Court trial was to start, after the overdose deaths of two witnesses.

    Ricky’s mother, Christine Loader, pleaded with Mr Hague, who is now a father of two, to speak with police.


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  2. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    THE former prime suspect in one of Geelong’s most horrific and baffling cold case murders has spoken out for the first time on the 20th anniversary of Ricky Balcombe’s death.

    Karl Hague says he is innocent of Ricky’s death and hopes a new push for a $1 million reward for answers helps find the family peace.

    He was charged with Ricky’s murder on October 29, 1996, but the charges were dropped nine days before a Supreme Court trial was due to start.

    He denied being in the shopping mall at the time of the murder.

    “I wish it would be cleared up for the family and for my family. I wish the right person would come forward, I wish he would man up and accept what he has done,” Mr Hague told the Geelong Advertiser.

    “I want it solved like everyone else.

    “I just wish the best for the family, I’ve got kids just like they have.”

    Released from prison only a week ago and now on parole for unrelated matters, Mr Hague said he was unable to expand further without putting his immediate future in jeopardy.

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  3. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Just some background on this charming individual, who for some reason I cannot fathom (outside of his being good mates with some seriously corrupt cops... and/or the abject failure of our courts to protect the Australian public yet again..) is currently walking about free as a bird.

    A MAN who beat charges of murder, attempted murder and rape claims post-traumatic stress made him open fire in a street.

    Karl Michael Hague, 38, was jailed for at least 2 1/2 years after he shot at two men outside a Geelong pizza shop in September 2009.

    Hague was once accused of the 1995 murder of Ricky Balcombe, 16. The case was dropped and is unsolved.

    He was also charged with rape but acquitted in 1996, sparking a 15-year feud with the family of the woman who accused him. The pizza shop incident was prompted by one of the woman's relatives punching Hague.

    Hague responded by getting an unregistered gun and shooting at the man, firing another shot as the victim dived for cover into a friend's car.

    He was charged with attempted murder but the charge was downgraded to reckless conduct endangering life and he pleaded guilty to two counts of that offence, and one of possessing an unregistered gun.

    One psychologist told the court Hague suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, while another said he had anxiety but not post-traumatic stress.

    Justice Simon Whelan said he preferred the latter assessment, as Hague was able to run successful businesses, earn a pilot's licence and fly his own plane.

    He said Hague had a long history of weapons offences and had been jailed in the past for trying to run down a policeman, resisting and assaulting police and dishonesty offences.

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  4. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    What an interesting situation. Sounds like LE still believes he is the perp but wants a witness to make a more solid case? :holycow:

    I hope the hefty reward idea does the trick! I'll tweet and get the word out. Hope it helps!
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  5. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Police believe the cold case murders of teen Ricky Balcombe in Geelong in 1995, and the brutal 2002 murder of Larry Weber in Rowville, can be solved with the help of two informants who called police early in March.

    Police desperately want the callers to both get back in touch.

    Mr Balcombe was 16 years of age when he was stabbed to death outside Market Square Mall in Geelong.

    Police believe the person who came forward with information about his death on March 22 may also know crucial information about the murder weapon and the clothing worn by the offender.

    The prime suspect in the teen’s murder, Karl Hague, this week broke his silence after years under the police probe.

    He encouraged authorities to “bring on” any future investigations, claiming he had nothing to hide.

    Mr Hague was charged with the teen’s murder in 1996, but the case against him was abandoned after one witness committed suicide, another overdosed and a third had a mental breakdown.

    He told the Geelong Advertiser last week he had nothing to hide and defiantly encouraged authorities to “bring on” any future investigations.

    “Bring it on because I didn’t do it. I won’t run.”

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  6. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Why don't they call? Not only will they be doing the right thing, they'll get a MILLION dollars to do it!
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  7. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

    Thats interesting Kimster now whrn i think about it, i dont know if i have ever read a circumstance when VicPol have actually paid out rewards money??? - there would be $qwillion$ sitting there good to go especially for some of our murder cold cases. I know it wouldnt be front page news (keeping anonymity) but im going to look for some links to this.
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  8. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

  9. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

  10. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Karl Michael Hague, 44, was in April found guilty of killing Ricky Balcombe at Geelong's Market Square shopping centre on May 5, 1995 while letting out a 'frantic scream' like a 'frenzied animal'.

    A Supreme Court of Victoria jury accepted prosecution claims Ricky was stabbed as payback for knifing Hague's Kingswood car during a gang fight two weeks earlier.

    Hague, who was 21 at the time, denied the killing or even being present at the shopping centre at the time of Ricky's death.

    On Wednesday, his barrister Felicity Gerry QC argued that while Hague intended to cause serious harm to Ricky, there was no evidence he intended to kill.

    She said the killing was 'spontaneous' rather than premeditated.

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  11. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Good news! Finally! And yet another of my 'pet' cold cases cleared... it's just amazing how many old cases have been solved this past few years, both here and overseas.

    I hope Ricky's family have gotten some small relief from this arrest.
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