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PORTUGAL RUI MENDONCA: Missing from Lousada, Portugal - 4 March 1998 - Age 11

Discussion in 'Europe: Missing & Unidentified' started by Scorpio, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

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  2. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member


    Last known activities

    On March 4, 1998, around 2pm, Rui Pedro took his bicycle and cycled to his mother's workplace, located near the family home. He asked his mother for permission to spend the afternoon riding in a car "with his friend Afonso" (Afonso Dias), aged 22. Rui Pedro's mother denied the request, and told him to go play in an abandoned lot outside her office.

    Rui Pedro's tutor called his parents because the child had not turned up for his 5pm lesson, and they quickly initiated a search for him. Because Rui Pedro had told his mother that he was planning to meet up with his friend Afonso, the police questioned the latter. Afonso Dias was in an emotional state while being questioned, and simply replied that he did not know the boy's whereabouts, but that the police "should close the borders". Rui Pedro's cousin, Andre, recounted to the police that him, Rui Pedro and Afonso had had a conversation where Afonso had invited them to go meet up with a prostitute. Andre said he had not joined Rui Pedro and Afonso that afternoon because his mother would not let him leave the house.

    The investigation into the child's disappearance slowed down due to the lack of credible leads. Nevertheless, the case had sparked public interest to a degree that sightings of Rui Pedro were numerous over the years since his disappearance. The prostitute Alcina Dias confirmed that Afonso Dias had taken Rui Pedro to see her on the day he disappeared. Afonso Dias allegedly drove up to see her in his car and asked her if she was working. When she assented, he offered to pay her to have sex with Rui Pedro. Alcina Dias said that Rui Pedro was extremely nervous and crying by the time he exited the vehicle, reportedly saying that Afonso had forced him to meet her. Alcina Dias added that she tried to calm the boy down and asked him if his mother knew he was there, to which the boy replied no. Rui Pedro then allegedly drove off in Afonso Dias' vehicle. Alcina Dias allegedly tried to give her deposition to the authorities, but could never identify Afonso Dias by name. In 2011, she finally identified him in a court of law.

    In April 1998, the political commentator Nuno Rogeiro traveled to Disneyland Paris with his family. During the trip, the Rogeiro family snapped several photographs whilst on a ride; one of these photos depicts a boy sitting behind the family who reportedly looks remarkably like Rui Pedro. Sat beside the boy is a man in his 40s wearing a red jacket. The Portuguese police did confiscate the photographs for further analysis, but no further progress was made regarding this sighting
  3. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member


    May 10, 2007

    Madeleine 'abducted to order by an international child sex gang'

    It would not be the first time that a child taken from Portugal has ended up in the grip of a paedophile ring. In 1998, an 11-year-old boy, Rui Pedro Mendonça, vanished while walking home from school in Lousada, a town in northern Portugal. Three years later, horrific images of Rui Pedro being sexually abused were uncovered during an international police operation that cracked a global paedophile network.

    More than 200 paedophiles in 13 countries had exchanged more than 750,000 images of children through a private internet club called Wonderland. Analysis showed that 1,236 children had been subjected to abuse that officers described as “unimaginable”.

    Some were abused live, to order, online. Officers said that they had wept as they catalogued the pictures and that they had been haunted by them for years. The Portuguese boy’s mother, Filomena Teixera, flew to Switzerland to view the pictures and was apparently able to identify her son. But he was never found. Investigators fear that he may have been killed to cover up the abuse.

    “When I saw the news about the disappearance of the English girl, I was terrified,” Ms Teixera told the newspaper 24 Horas. “I immediately thought of my son, even though the cases are different. And I thought of Madeleine’s parents, the anguish they are suffering.” Ms Teixera said that she had had psychiatric treatment for eight hours a day for the past four years, since her father died. She still refuses to believe that her son, who would now be 20, could have died.

    “When I stop believing he is alive, I lose all my strength,” she said. “My brain doesn’t allow me to think he is dead.” Child protection campaigners have alleged that a culture of corruption and complacency in Portugal allows such kidnappings to continue. The founder of the Swiss-based group Innocence in Danger has said that she had tried to set up an office in Portugal but gave up because of the reluctance of the authorities. Homayra Sellier said after Madeleine’s disappearance that Portugal was a country in which “the corruption has gone so high that there’s nothing we can do”.

    “The fact that the girl [Madeleine] was kidnapped from her bed shows how bad things are,” she said.
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  4. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member


    Rui Pedro Mendonca vanished in 1998, when he was 11 while walking home from school in the northern Portuguese town Lousada. A month later, hopes were raised when he was sighted with a middle-aged man in Disneyland in Paris. Then three years later, his mother’s worst fears were realised. Horrific images of Rui Pedro being sexually abused were reportedly uncovered during an international police operation that cracked a global paedophile network. More than 200 paedophiles in 13 countries had exchanged more than 750,000 images of children through a private internet club called Wonderland.

    Rui Pedro has never been found, the trail has gone cold and investigators fear that may have been murdered to cover up the abuse.

    Let’s hope, and pray, that is not the case. He was 20 in January.

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  5. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member


    Rui Pedro Teixeira Mendonca vanished from his home town of Lousado, near Porto in the north of the country, in March 1998. Detectives believe he was kidnapped while walking home from school and taken to a prostitute who was paid to have sex with him.

    Shortly after he was snatched there was also an unconfirmed sighting of the boy at Disneyland in Paris with a middle-aged man, suggesting he could have been moved around Europe by a paedophile gang.
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  6. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member


    Some people do not believe in coincidences, but there are things that make you think ... CARAS found that a trainee lawyer who accompanies Ricardo Sá Fernandes in the case of the disappearance of Rui Pedro is the daughter of Nuno Rogeiro and was on the trip that the family's political commentator He made to Eurodisney in April 1998 at the invitation of our magazine, and during which photographs were taken in that puts the chance to see the missing boy Lousada to March 4, 1998.

    Thirteen years after these pictures have been confiscated by the Judicial Police for investigation, Agnes Rogeiro which is since April last to intern in the known lawyer Lisbon office, appears again related to Rui Pedro, this time trying to figure out what happened to him. "When I reached the office of Dr. Ricardo Sá Fernandes [who did not know that Agnes appeared in the photos], this was the first work that he gave me. At the time I thought it was an interesting coincidence, "says Agnes, adding:". I was very young, but the situation marked me for having been hypothesized Rui Pedro have been behind us "

    Received with open arms by Filomena Teixeira and Manuel Mendonca, Inês Rogeiro, now 22, considers the family of Rui Pedro "very special. They are very close, despite this whole doom. They are the friendliest people I met and it is a privilege to contribute to help give all the steps we can to find out what happened that day, "he says.
    The trial of the prime suspect in the kidnapping of Rui Pedro Afonso Dias, continues next week before the Court of Lousada.
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  7. Scorpio

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  9. Scorpio

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  10. Scorpio

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  11. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    From September 2018. Translated via Google Translate.

    Man with similarities to Rui Pedro causes an uproar in social networks

    A video with images of a man in Almada, with alleged similarities to Rui Pedro, the boy missing 20 years from Lousada, has been shared thousands of times, causing an uproar in social networks.

    The man, who says he is called Pedro and is 30 years old actually has similarities to the robot portraits of Rui Pedro who disappeared on March 4, 1998, which caused the images to finally come to the attention of Rui Pedro's family.

    The reaction of the relatives of the missing boy did not wait, and communicated on Facebook that the video had already been sent to the authorities and that police were analyzing the situation.

    However, according to Correio da Manhã, the Judicial Police has already identified the man and says that it is not Rui Pedro.


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