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CO SARAH SKIBA: Missing from Westminster, CO - 7 Feb 1999 - Age 9

Discussion in 'Missing 1990 to 1999' started by Scorpio, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

    Sarah Skiba


    Circumstances of Disappearance:
    Sarah, her father, Paul Skiba and his employee, Lorenzo Chivers were last seen on February 7, 1999, when Paul Skiba and Lorenzo Chivers went to a moving job in Morrison, CO, and Paul's daughter tagged along.

    When they weren't heard from for a week, Paul's ex-wife and a friend went to the moving company lot in Westminster and found the moving truck parked with bullet holes, blood and a bloody piece of scalp. A DNA test revealed that blood found in a moving van belonged to Paul and Sarah Skiba, the scalp to Paul. Chivers, who has also not been seen since, was the father of a son and daughter the same age as Sarah. Investigators learned that the truck had left the lot at about 20.00 and was returned about midnight. Police theorize the three were killed at the lot and the truck was used to dispose of their bodies. It was then driven back to the lot and parked. No trace of the three has ever been found.

    staff added media link: http://www.crimewatchers.net/forum/...m-colorado-since-1999-probably-murdered.2067/
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  2. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

  3. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

    Lorenzo Chivers
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  4. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

    Three presumed dead after scalp found

    Police, at first, believed recently divorced small-businessman Paul Skiba had kidnapped his 9-year-old daughter, Sarah, with the help of an employee and that they had all vanished together. Sarah’s mother, Michelle Russell, reported her daughter missing when she was not returned home after the weekend of Feb. 7, 1999. Thinking Skiba had abducted Sarah in a custody dispute, police sought warrants for his arrest. But Paul Skiba’s mother, Sharon Skiba, knew he had just borrowed money to buy a third truck for his Tuff Movers company and would never do anything to jeopardize visiting rights with his daughter.

    So Sharon Skiba and friends went to the Westminster lot where her son stored his trucks near 72nd Avenue and Raleigh Street, and they found blood smeared inside the cab of the truck and numerous bullet holes on the side of the white 1978 Chevrolet moving truck. Shell casings were littered about on the ground. Then Sharon Skiba saw pieces of a scalp with hair attached outside the truck. “When I saw that, I knew my son was dead,” Skiba said nine years after the disappearance of her son, her granddaughter and Skiba’s employee, Lorenzo Chivers, 36. “It was horrifying.” Since then, there has been no sign of the three.

    On the day they disappeared, two of Paul Skiba’s employees had called in to say they couldn’t work, his mother said. Chivers agreed to help, and Skiba took his daughter along to do the moving job in Littleton. The last time witnesses saw them was at about 6 p.m. on Feb. 7. Thornton police investigated the case as three homicides and said previously that they believe Paul Skiba, 38, was the intended target, although the motive was unclear.

    Paul Skiba
    Sharon Skiba said police believed he was a drug dealer and that his death was somehow related to drugs. But they later told her they no longer believe that was the motivation, she said. The Westminster Police Department took over the investigation in 2005. Department spokeswoman Stephanie Topkoff said there are no suspects in the homicides.

    DNA tests indicated Skiba’s blood was smeared on the door of the truck and that his daughter’s blood had pooled with his blood on the lot, where police believe their bodies were left temporarily. The assailants poured oil on the blood, attempting to hide it, Topkoff said. A ramp was missing from the truck. The 3-by-10-foot silver-colored metal ramp, which hooked onto the back of the truck, was used to load and unload furniture.

    Lorenzo Chivers
    Chivers’ car was found in the same lot, but Skiba’s car was found in Denver. Authorities dredged nearby lakes but didn’t find any evidence connected to the case. Chivers had a daughter, Aubrey, and a son, Joshua. They are now teenagers. “We hope to generate new leads, tips, or information that may assist us in solving this tragic case and bringing some sense of closure and justice to the grieving family and friends of the victims,” Topkoff said.

    Sharon Skiba said she doesn’t want the case to ever be forgotten. She said she wants the person who dumped the bodies to at least anonymously tell authorities where to find them so her son and granddaughter can be given proper burials. “I never in my wildest imagination thought that it would not be solved in nine years,” she said.
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  5. Scorpio

    Scorpio Bronze Member

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  6. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Her poor dear mama. :vigil:
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