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SD SERENITY DENNARD: Missing from Rapid City, SD - 3 Feb 2019 - Age 9

Discussion in 'Missing 2015 to Present' started by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    No No no. I would never! I hope YOU'RE RIGHT ! Believe me, I would definitely prefer that too! It's just...
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  2. Whatsnext

    Whatsnext Well-Known Member

    You're a sweety, Mel, but in my scenario they won't find her alive:(.
    I still hope I'm wrong and that she had a place to go to.
  3. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Update on Serenity Dennard search in the Black Hills

    A weekend that began with hope ended with sorrow Sunday, as search and rescue crews wrapped up an unsuccessful search for missing 9-year-old Serenity Dennard.

    It has been a week since Serenity ran from the Black Hills Children's Home near Rockerville. There has been no trace of her since.

    Pennington County Deputy Sheriff Willie Whelchel says it's been an emotional weekend.

    Whelchel says they did bring in the Pennington County Water Rescue Team after a dog showed interest in certain areas along a small creek. Nothing was reported found.

    He says they will regroup on Monday to decide what's next and what direction they would go.

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  4. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    I don't think they will find her alive either. It sounds incredibly bad. But if they find her deceased. I hope it's not because Someone took her. Either way it's an AWFUL WAY. No happy ending. It's been too long. But they need to find her. If she was someplace safe we would have found her or found out where she was by now. We both know similar instances and statistics. I still hope I'M WRONG!
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  5. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    I checked the Weather. It's cold. 14 Degrees. Will be in the 20's this Week. But no Snow until Thursday. I just wanted to see if they were going to get hit with the Snow like us. For search efforts.
  6. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    The Snow to melt as hoped isn't going to happen. With Temps in the 20's and Snow on Thursday. Will only make things worse. :(
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  7. KareBear

    KareBear Well-Known Member

    Any news or comments from her parents/family?
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  8. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    Good question. I haven't seen any. I could have missed it. But that does seem strange. Especially when it was thought She was trying to make it "Home".

    I just looked up her name and "Family" nothing. What comes up is a "Man and Woman" seeing her shortly after running away. Within an Hour. As they were cutting "Wood". Hmmmm.... wouldn't you stop her and talk to her. And TAKE HER to the "Home or Police Station?". You don't just leave a Child wandering around by themselves! NO WAY!
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
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  9. KareBear

    KareBear Well-Known Member

    I agree! In all my search for news updates, I haven't seen any acknowledgement from them. I may have missed it as well..
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  10. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    She was from "Sturgis". I looked up "Rapid City to Sturgis" (Google). It is 28.5 Miles "Driving Distance" with a 28 Minute "Drive Time". It is 34.5 Miles "Walking Distance". With a "Walking Time" of 11 Hrs and 54 Minutes.
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  11. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Search for missing girl put on hold, but investigation continues

    The search for a 9-year-old girl who's been missing for more than a week after running away from a residential youth home in rural Pennington County has been put on hold for now, it was announced Monday.

    "We're regrouping and re-assessing, trying to decide how and when we continue our recovery efforts," Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom said during a news conference at the Public Safety Building in Rapid City.

    "The weather has not been our friend," he added. "Everyone involved in the search has poured themselves into this physically and emotionally. It's been very draining on both fronts."

    Thom said while the search efforts into the disappearance of Serenity Dennard of Sturgis are paused, the investigation remains ongoing until she is found. He said no scenario regarding what happened to her or where she might have gone is being ruled out.

    Investigators have conducted 115 interviews and are following 23 leads into where Dennard might be, according to a fact sheet distributed at the press conference. They have served two search warrants and are working on a third warrant, reviewed videos from cameras at seven businesses and used the Internet Crimes Against Children department for computer forensics.

    The videos have shown no signs of Dennard, Thom said. The warrants are for items such as phone records, not nearby homes.

    "We're covering all of our bases to make sure we haven't missed something," Thom said.

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  12. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    Sounds very ominous. But if it gives an answer.
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  13. Blue G 3

    Blue G 3 Well-Known Member

    I believe all of us here always hold onto hope that the missing will be found. Though I think we are all rational enough to know it's not always going to be the case. Every case that I study results in multiple theories rolling around in my head, and I try to consider all possibilities. You may be right with your 411 theory Whatsnext, as for me I think she was picked up in a vehicle. Now the Lauren Thompson case, in my opinion is a strong candidate for a 411 type scenario.
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  14. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    The "Lauren Thompson" Case is Very disturbing. It's like She was going through a "Real life Horror Movie". I hope they find some answers SOON. How terrifying. As for "Serenity" I think that is probably my biggest fear...that she was picked up by a Vehicle. If the intentions were good, They would have taken her someplace safe right away. Find out information. So back to "The Home or Police Station".
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  15. KareBear

    KareBear Well-Known Member

    :pickme:What is a 411?:rolleyes:
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  16. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    LOL ! It's a "Missing case" book series. I haven't read any of them. But I am interested in doing so. I was wondering the same thing. So looked it up. LOL.
  17. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Without getting too far up on my soapbox... Missing 411 is a book series in which the author claims that so many people are getting lost in the woods, national parks, etc. because of mysterious forces, government coverup, aliens, bigfoot, etc.

    In my (not so humble) opinion, if Serenity disappeared into the woods it's because she ran away and got lost. Not because she was abducted by aliens or bigfoot. If she's found in an area that was already searched, it's because our search methods are not perfect and we miss things all the time. Not because the government is trying to cover something up.

    No disrespect meant to anyone who has read and/or enjoys the books. I'm sure at their face value, they are very interesting. At the very least, a positive is that they give some of our missing cases more exposure. :)
  18. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    Bow... To the queen "SheWhoMust" !!! I gave only a vague description. I apologize. I have not read them either and was curious, So I looked it up. I did get the basic jest but, I should have looked deeper to better answer your question. ALL HAIL TO THE QUEEN!! :oops::sadness::thud::sigh: I'm embarrassed for not getting enough info before responding.
    :slap:I WANT THIS PLACE SPOTLESS BY THE TIME "THE QUEEN" ARRIVES! I'LL just be over in the corner. :sigh:
  19. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Not a problem at all, Mel. I just wanted to give others that were curious a bit more info. :cheers: :)
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  20. Mel70

    Mel70 Bronze Member

    I know. LOL! But You know me. It was a good opportunity to JOKE. LOL! It certainly wasn't to insult you. :D:loveshower:
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
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