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IL SEVEN JANE DOE: WF, 71-80, died in nursing home in Chicago, IL - 18 November 2015 - Amnesia

Discussion in 'Unidentified 2010 to Present' started by Romulus, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Romulus

    Romulus In the earth of missing person

    NamUs UP 15494



    Unidentified White Female
    Body Condition: Face recognizable
    Probable year of death: to
    November 18, 2015
    Location Found: Chicago, Illinois

    Vital Statistics
    Estimated age: 71-80
    Approximate Height: cannot estimate.
    Approximate Weight: cannot estimate.
    Hair Color: Unknown
    Eye Color: Unknown

    Clothing & Accessories
    Clothing: nothing
    Footwear: nothing
    : nothing

    Case History

    Decedent suffered from amnesia and had been living at St. Francis Catholic Workers House in Chicago since 1976 when, on 16Feb03, she was brought to Weiss Hospital diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. She had been wandering the streets. She called herself "Seven" when police found her, so was called Seven Doe from that time. Was in a nursing home until her death on 18Nov15.

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  2. Summer_breeze

    Summer_breeze Blowing through the Jasmine in my mind

    Identities of 5 in state care elude authorities

    By Becky Schlikerman, Chicago Tribune reporter
    Feb. 21, 2012

    Since at least 1976, the woman who calls herself Seven has lived without a formal identity.

    She says she's 71 years old and a lifelong Cubs fan. She has fleeting childhood memories of visiting the Indiana Dunes but can recall little else and suffers from dementia. Her fingerprints are deformed and unreadable, according to Chicago police, who issued a found person report in 2003. Nobody has come for her.

    She is one of five state wards in Illinois whose identities are a mystery, people commonly known as a Jane or John Doe.
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  3. KareBear

    KareBear Well-Known Member

    Interesting.. .what causes fingerprints to be deformed and unreadable? Other than burns? Might it have been intentional? Maybe she was a super spy in her younger days:rolleyes:.. far fetched but not impossible..
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  4. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Detectives have been fingerprinting suspects — and tracking criminals — for about a century. No two fingerprints are alike.

    Even the same finger that’s been cut, burned, bitten, or even shorn off using sandpaper is different than it was before.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is cautioning authorities to be on the lookout for suspects who may be trying to dodge their past by altering the crucial identifiers at their fingertips, as they said in a release last week.

    Criminals who want to avoid detection will try almost any method to alter their fingerprints – even sometime enlisting medical professionals to try and change their unique markings.

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  5. KareBear

    KareBear Well-Known Member

    Great info! I get the feeling the there is an interesting story behind this woman..
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  6. KareBear

    KareBear Well-Known Member

    I know it's not a match.. but they look like they could be related, imo.

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