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TX SHERIN MATHEWS: Missing from Richardson, TX - 7 Oct 2017 - Age 3 *Found Deceased**GUILTY PLEA*

Discussion in 'Located/Resolved' started by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Affidavit: Sherin Mathews left home alone night before disappearance; mother in custody

    An arrest warrant affidavit obtained by WFAA Thursday details what happened the day before Sherin was reported missing. According to the affidavit, Sini, Wesley Mathews and their biological daughter went to a restaurant in North Garland, leaving Sherin behind.

    "The Mathews family went out to dinner Friday evening, left Sherin behind without any kind of adult supervision or anything like that," said Sgt. Kevin Perlich with Richardson Police.

    Cell phone records and receipts place Sini and Wesley at the restaurant the night of Oct. 6. The itemized receipt indicated that the family ordered one child's meal at the restaurant, which was also confirmed by the waiter serving their table.

    "We used cell records and financial records and then we were able to contact the people who worked at the restaurant," said Perlich.

    The affidavit says Sherin was left at home for an hour-and-a-half. When her adoptive parents returned, she was "still in the kitchen." The affidavit does not provide clarity on how or when Sherin died.

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  2. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    Oh Hell no!
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  3. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    I hate these people
  4. Jezzabel

    Jezzabel Well-Known Member

  5. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    NBC 5 / Dallas Co. Jail
    Sini Mathews, mother of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews -- whose body was found Oct. 22, two weeks after she was reported missing -- was escorted into the Dallas County Jail, Friday, Nov. 17, where she was held on a state felony charge of child endangerment/abandonment.
    Sini Ann Mathews, the mother of a North Texas toddler who died under suspicious circumstances, successfully argued for a bond reduction in her child endangerment case Monday after spending the holiday weekend in jail.

    Mathews was arrested earlier this month after investigators said she and her husband, Wesley Mathews, left their 3-year-old adopted daughter Sherin Mathews at home, without adult supervision, while they went to dinner with their biological 3-year-old daughter on Oct. 6.

    Sherin, Wesley said, was being punished for not drinking her milk and was alive when they returned home about 90 minutes later.

    As a result of that incident, Sini was charged with child endangerment and is being held on $250,000 bond, which was reduced Monday to $100,000.


    [​IMG]Maria Guerrero


    5 minute recess called. Both sides have rested their case. Will Sini Mathews' bond be reduced? Is she a flight risk? @NBCDFW

    10:32 AM - Nov 27, 2017 · Dallas, TX

    [​IMG]Maria Guerrero


    Richardson police detective on stand saying Sini Mathews is a flight risk. Detailing affidavit from pediatrician saying Sini asked for shot records for her biological child to "go to India"

    10:10 AM - Nov 27, 2017 · Dallas, TX

    [​IMG]Maria Guerrero


    Sini's attorney Mitch Nolte grilling Richardson police detective on affidavit that states Sini asked for daughter's shot record because girl was going to go to family in India. But doesn't specifically say Sini said she was going to India too.

    10:17 AM - Nov 27, 2017 · Dallas, TX

    Wesley Mathews, meanwhile, remains jailed on a felony charge of injury to a child.

    On Oct. 7, Wesley Mathews called police and reported Sherin missing. In a story he would later change, Wesley originally told police Sherin disappeared overnight after he ordered her to stand outside at about 3 a.m. for not drinking her milk. When he returned, Wesley said she had disappeared and that her location was unknown.

    The girl's body was found in a drainage culvert two weeks after her father reported her missing.

    Only then did the girl's father change his story to say that he "physically assisted" his daughter drink the milk and that she choked and died -- after which, he moved her body.

    Sini Mathews, who has maintained her innocence in Sherin's death, said she was asleep when the incident happened overnight with Wesley.

    [​IMG]Investigation Continues Into Sherin Mathews' Death

    The couple's biological 3-year-old daughter was placed into foster care after her sister disappeared. On Monday, officials with Child Protective Services confirmed to NBC 5 that she had been turned over to the custody of family members in the Houston area.

    Sini and Wesley Mathews have a custody hearing for their biological daughter scheduled for Nov. 29.
  6. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

  7. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    State asks Sini, Wesley Mathews about Sherin's broken bones in CPS hearing

    DALLAS COUNTY, Texas -- A CPS custody hearing wrapped up for the day in Dallas County Wednesday over the biological child of Wesley and Sini Mathews, the adoptive parents of Sherin Mathews, who was found dead in a Richardson culvert last month.

    Wesley Mathews was expected to either surrender his parental rights for his 4-year-old daughter or have them terminated by the state.

    Sini Mathews took the stand during the hearing as a witness, but invoked her 5th Amendment rights on most questions asked by the state in the 37 minutes she was on the stand.

    The state asked several questions about the night Sherin disappeared, as well as questions about alleged broken bones the 3-year-old suffered last spring. Sini was asked by the state if Sherin had a broken femur, elbow, and tibia between January and March of this year. She was also asked by the state if Sherin suffered another set of fractures in February or March, and whether Sini told doctors that Sherin had a Vitamin D deficiency, leading to her broken bones.

    RELATED: Sini Mathews' bond lowered despite questions of flight risk

    Sini wouldn't answer those questions, and told the state that she plans to see her biological daughter in a supervised CPS visitation if and when she posts bond.

    Just after 2 p.m., Wesley Mathews took the stand, also invoking his 5th Amendment right. His attorney told him to look at him before answering any questions and then signed a hand signal of a "five" after several questions before the court recessed.

    RELATED: Sherin Mathews' life in India

    The first witness, Dr. Susan Dakil is a pediatrician also certified in child abuse pediatrics. Dr. Dakil says Sherin was hospitalized in Feb. 2017 and also had an elbow fracture in Sep. 2016.

    The explanation from Sini and Wesley for her September injury was that their oldest, biological daughter pushed Sherin off couch, resulting in elbow fracture.

    Dr. Dakil said in February Sherin Mathews was admitted for bilateral fractures. Sini said she slipped on slide and they had grabbed her. Wesley was not there to give that explanation.

    The pediatrician said Sherin was classified as a "failure to thrive" patient which means she was below the third percentile of the growth curve for children of the same age. She says Sherin continued to lose weight.

    A skeletal survey consisting of 23 x-rays was completed in Feb. 2017 which showed fractures in Sherin's tibia and femur, both in different stages of healing-- meaning there was more than one episode of violence and trauma. It's difficult for the pediatrician to say when they occurred however.

    RELATED: Affidavit: Sherin Mathews left home alone night before disappearance

    A second skeletal survey in March was completed and it showed further healing of fractures which would rule out the injuries happening in India prior to adoption like Sini had noted to Dr. Dakil.

    When Dr. Dakil reported her findings to Sini, that Sherin's injuries were not related to her time in India or from slipping on a slide, etc. Dr. Dakil said Sini responded with fewer questions than she had anticipated.

    Dr. Dakil said she filed a CPS report and called the hotline. She tried to find other explanations to Sherin's injuries but could not.

    The pediatrician said when she told Sini that she was going to alert CPS based on her findings of the condition of Sherin's body, Sini said she didn't approve and that involving CPS would disrupt the family's weekend plans.

    Around 4 p.m., the hearing concluded for the day leaving two more witnesses to take the stand.

    The judge says they will continue to hear from two more witnesses and court will resume on Tuesday Dec. 5 at 9 a.m.

    RELATED: CPS hurdles ahead after parents' arrest in Sherin Mathews case

    Wesley Mathews and his wife Sini are accused of leaving their 3-year-old adoptive daughter, Sherin, home alone in October and going to eat with their biological daughter at an On the Border.

    Sherin was reported missing by the family and her body was found in a culvert nearly a month later. An affidavit says her adoptive parents told police she was "still in the kitchen" when they got home.

    Sherin Mathews (Photo: WFAA)

    Sini is charged with abandoning or endangering a child and Wesley is charged with injury to a child. He previously told police he forced Sherin to drink milk in the garage at 3 a.m., resulting in her choking and dying. He also admitted to removing her body from the home.

    Then the changed his story and claimed he "grew impatient" over Sherin's refusal to drink milk and asked the family to go to dinner with him, leaving Sherin behind.

    Sini turned herself into police on Nov. 16. Her bond was reduced to $100,000 in a hearing Monday morning, but she remains in jail.

    The cause of death for Sherin is still under investigation.

    © 2017 WFAA-TV

    Watch video at link http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/dall...sherins-broken-bones-in-cps-hearing/495535415
  8. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Sini, Wesley Mathews' lose ability to see biological child
    Mathews' parents back in court Tuesday

    Alisha Ebrahimji, WFAA 3:12 PM. CST December 05, 2017
    Sherin Mathews, have lost all rights to see their biological 4-year-old daughter, for now.

    The court has found aggravated circumstances and has denied the Mathews parents of seeing their biological child until a former civil trial has taken place.

    CPS does not have to provide any family reunification services at this time.

    Their biological child is with relatives in the Houston area.

    The couple was back in court Tuesday to resume a CPS custody hearing for their biological child from last week.

    The Mathews were expected to either surrender their parental rights for their 4-year-old daughter or have them terminated by the State during the initial hearing.

    RELATED: From A to Z: The Sherin Mathews case

    Both Wesley and Sini took the stand during the Nov. 30 hearing as a witness, but invoked their 5th Amendment rights on most questions asked by the State.

    The State asked several questions about the night Sherin disappeared, as well as questions about alleged broken bones the 3-year-old suffered last spring. Sini was asked by the State if Sherin had a broken femur, elbow, and tibia between January and March of this year. She was also asked by the State if Sherin suffered another set of fractures in February or March, and whether Sini told doctors that Sherin had a Vitamin D deficiency, leading to her broken bones.

    AFFIDAVIT: Sherin Mathews left home alone night before disappearance; mother in custody

    Mitchell said Sini did not mention Sherin's name at all during the removal process.

    During Mitchell's visit to the Mathews home she said she noticed many photos of biological child but didn't see any of Sherin.

    According to Mitchell, the 4-year-old biological child did not cry when she was removed from the Mathews home and cooperated.

    The next witness to take the stand was Detective Jules Farmer with Richardson police. Farmer is the lead detective on the Mathews case.

    Det. Farmer said Richardson police interviewed both Wesley and Sini Mathews but got the feeling they weren't telling the truth because their stories were not consistent with one another.

    He said Sini told police she woke up at 5 a.m. and saw Wesley with a "weird look" on his face," they went to the breakfast table and cried and prayed for three hours instead of calling police when they discovered Sherin was missing.

    RELATED: State asks Sini, Wesley Mathews about Sherin's broken bones in CPS hearing

    Det. Farmer said the Mathews all slept in one bedroom. Sini, Wesley and their biological child all shared one bed, Sherin slept in a crib in the same room.

    According to Wesley, Det. Farmer said Wesley woke up in the middle of the night, asked Sherin if she was awake and when she said yes, he asked if she wanted to finish her milk, to which she again said yes. That is when Wesley and Sherin left the family bedroom and headed to the kitchen.

    Det. Farmer told the court when Wesley learned that they were aware he had turned of his geo-locating function on his cell phone he had a "look of shock."

    Wesley admitted to RPD that he endangered Sherin and abandoning her.

    "He was almost quoting the penal code," Det. Farmer said.

    Clothes were found from the trash inside the Mathews home which are believed to be Sherin's. Those are being tested at this time.

    Det. Farmer said the Mathews said they practice "time out" as a disciplinary measure but cannot recall if they told him they spank their children.

    RPD asked Sini if Wesley did something to Sherin the night she went missing. According to Det. Farmer her response was vague and she said she "wasn't sure."

    When Wesley recounted the refusal to drink milk and as a result punishing Sherin by the tree outside their home, Det. Farmer said, "we challenged him, we didn't really believe that had happened."

    When interviewed about the milk incident, Det. Farmer said Wesley went from being concerned to frustrated.

    Det. Farmer also said both Sini and Wesley admitted knowledge of previous injuries to Sherin. Wesley told RPD he learned of possible medical issues related to Sherin only when he went to India to complete the adoption process.

    Wesley did admit to RPD that he put Sherin in a culvert on Oct. 7 after taking out the trash nearby.

    Det. Farmer said Wesley indicated he intended to return to that culvert and give her a burial.

    Court recessed for lunch and resumed at 1 p.m.

    An autopsy was done for Sherin but Det. Farmer has not seen the result and does not know when they will be available.

    The Mathews' biological child was interviewed twice and taken in for a forensic interview. She talked about eating at Chick Fil A but did not talk about dinner during the night in question.

    Autopsy results are pending along with forensic testing and possible further DNA testing. Bedding, clothing and a high chair are all being tested right now according to RPD.

    When RPD asked why they left Sherin at home alone and went to dinner, Wesley said "we needed a break" during an interview on Oct. 24.
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  9. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

    This is so sad...

    During Mitchell's visit to the Mathews home she said she noticed many photos of biological child but didn't see any of Sherin
  10. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

  11. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Sherin’s father dumped her body with bag of trash, went shopping

    Police in Dallas have shared new details about the mysterious death of Indian toddler Sherin Mathews, alleging that her Indian-American foster father bundled her “stiff and cold” body in the back of his car with a bag of trash and hid her corpse in a culvert.

    He reportedly turned off the location tracking on his phone when he is believed to have taken Sherin’s body to the culvert.

    Farmer also said Sherin’s body was “stiff and cold” when Wesley decided to dispose of the body.

    “He put Sherin in the back of the car with a sack of trash and went to a shopping centre nearby,” Farmer was quoted as saying by fox4news.com.

    “Went to a shopping centre where he disposed of the trash, and then drove around a little more until he put Sherin in the culvert where we found her body,” he said.

    Dr Suzanne Dakil of Referral and Evaluation of At Risk Children Clinic, testified last Wednesday during a custody hearing that Sherin had broken bones and injuries in various stages of healing.

  12. TripleA

    TripleA Zoo Keeper

    :mad: I have no words.
  13. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    I think we all do, sweet Tripee!
    We just can't say 'em here.:mad::mad:
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  14. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Report: 3-year-old Sherin Mathews died from homicidal violence
    • FOX4News.com

      POSTED: JAN 03 2018 07:03AM CST

      VIDEO POSTED: JAN 03 2018 06:14PM CST

      UPDATED: JAN 03 2018 06:14PM CST

      DALLAS - Medical examiners found evidence of homicidal violence when they performed an autopsy on 3-year-old Sherin Mathews’ body, according to a newly released report.

      The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office said that while Sherin’s manner of death was homicidal violence, her exact cause of death could not be determined because of extensive decomposition. Homicidal violence means someone caused her death either intentionally or through negligence.

      Sherin was falsely reported missing by her father back in October. When her body was later found in a drainage ditch, police said he changed his story and said she died while drinking milk.

      Both of the 3-year-old’s adoptive parents were arrested and remain in jail. Wesley Mathews was charged with injury to a child and Sini Mathews was charged with child endangerment. They are both in a custody battle for their biological 4-year-old daughter.

      Wednesday’s custody hearing before a court judge only lasted three minutes. Neither Wesley or Sini were present. Child Protective Services is seeking to terminate the couple's parental rights for their 4-year-old biological child. A judge on Wednesday set a trial date for Jan. 26.

      “It got reset until the twenty-sixth, then we’ll make a comment then,” explained Wesley’s attorney.

      Mitch Nolte, an attorney for Sini, said he has seen a copy of the full autopsy report.

      “Based on the autopsy results, there was nothing on those results that indicate Sini Matthews had anything to do with Sherin's death,” Nolte said.

      “Well, that's his opinion,” said Richardson Police Sgt. Kevin Perlich. “We will forward all the information that we have to the district attorney’s office.”

      Richardson police have only confirmed that the report says Sherin died from homicidal violence and did not die of natural causes.

      “Some of the particular details that are in the report are items that will come out in the court proceeding,” Perlich said. “And for that reason, we are restricting the exact details.”

      For now, police aren't saying if the report spells out exactly how Sherin died, details of injuries she might have had or how the report compares to Wesley’ claims that she choked while drinking a glass of milk.

      “She died most likely at the hands of another individual,” Perlich said. “We believe we have a very strong case. We are confident in the case that we have, and we are going to move forward with that.”

      Police say case and autopsy results have been forwarded to the DA's office. The case will now go to a grand jury, which will decide if the appropriate charges have been filed.

      Sherin’s sister is currently living with relatives. A judge has already taken away her parents' visitation rights. If their parental rights are also terminated, she could be placed up for adoption.

  15. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Sherin Mathews death: India angry with US agency for claiming all was normal, suspends them

    Days after 3-year-old Sherin Mathews' autopsy report revealed that the Indian girl child adopted by Keralite parents in Texas had died of homicidal violence, the Indian government has suspended operations with US adoption agency Holt International.

    CEO of Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) Deepak Kumar, the Indian nodal agency for adoption, told TNM that the decision to suspend operations with Holt International was taken on Friday, after "gross negligence" was found on their part.

    "In all the four follow-up reports Holt International submitted to our country on Sherin, it said that Sherin was adjusting well with her adoptive parents. But it has now came to light that a state (US) health department official had in fact written to Child Protective Services (CPS) that Sherin had multiple fractures seven months ago. This was never there in the follow-up reports by Holt International. It is sheer gross negligence on their part or they might have very well hidden this information," Deepak Kumar said.


  16. TripleA

    TripleA Zoo Keeper

    This baby girl should still be alive. I am so sick of organizations, put in place to protect children, dropping the ball. :screaming:
  17. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Sherin Mathews' father charged with capital murder in 3-year-old's death
    Updated at 1:40 p.m. with comments from the DA's office and Richardson police.

    The father of Sherin Mathews has been charged with capital murder in the 3-year-old's October death, court records show.

    Sherin was killed with "homicidal violence" before her adoptive father, Wesley Mathews hid her body in a Richardson culvert where it went undiscovered for weeks.

    A Dallas County grand jury indicted him on the capital murder charge this week. The indictment says Mathews killed Sherin "by a manner and means unknown to the grand jury," court records show.

    Wesley Mathews
    (Dallas County Sheriff's Department)
    If convicted, Mathews could face the death penalty, should prosecutors choose to pursue it, or an automatic sentence of life without parole.

    "We have not decided if we are actually going to seek death," Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said Friday during a news conference.

    Mathews, 37, was arrested in October on a felony injury to a child charge after the girl's body was found Oct. 22. He originally said he put her outside Oct. 7 because she wouldn't drink her milk. He later changed that story to say that the child choked on her milk.

    He is charged with four felonies, including injury to a child and capital murder. He is also charged with abandoning a child and tampering with physical evidence.

    Investigators have not said specifically how Sherin was killed, and her body had been outside for weeks before she was found and an autopsy could be performed.

    A doctor found multiple healing fractures on the child in March.

    Johnson did not say whether continuous abuse of Sherin contributed to her death and said investigators are still working to determine exactly what happened to the child.

    "We do want to make certain that justice is done on the behalf of this little 3 year old," Johnson said. "We are going to be the voice for her."

    Sherin's disappearance and death attracted worldwide attention and fascination to a little girl whose family appeared to favor their biological daughter to Sherin, who was adopted from India in 2016. The family's Richardson house had many photos of their biological daughter but none of Sherin.

    The Indian government suspended the U.S. adoption agency involved in placing Sherin with the Mathews family.

    Sherin Mathews

    Her adoptive mother, Sini Mathews, was arrested on a charge of child abandonment or endangerment based on her husband's admission to investigators that they went out to dinner and left Sherin alone the night before she died.

    The registered nurse was indicted on the charge this week.

    Sini Mathews remains jailed in lieu of $250,000 bail. New bail amounts have not been determined for Wesley Mathews on the capital murder charge.

    Wesley Mathews' attorney did not respond to a request for comment.

    Richardson police Chief Jim Spivey said he is "pleased that we have reached this stage" after the indictments against the parents were announced.

    "It has been a very intensive case for the Richardson Police Department," he said.

    Autopsy results were pending for several months. The Dallas County medical examiner's office said on Jan. 3 that Sherin's death had been ruled a homicide. It did not offer many details on what may have caused Sherin's death.

    The couple in also involved in a custody case for the surviving, biological daughter.

    Sini Mathews, mother of Sherin Mathews, enters Judge Cheryl Lee Shannon's courtroom at the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Building on Dec. 5, 2017, in Dallas.
    (David Woo/Staff Photographer)
    A Dallas juvenile court judge, Cheryl Lee Shannon, has already blocked Wesley and Sini Mathews from having contact with their surviving daughter. The girl is living with relatives although the court has not yet decided on a permanent solution and whether the Mathewses will retain their parental rights.

    Sherin's death isn't the first time suspicions were raised.

    A doctor contacted CPS after finding multiple fractures in various stages of healing in March. Sherin suffered injuries to her upper-arm bones and fractures in her leg bones that were in various stages of healing, according to court testimony.

    The doctor, Suzanne Dakil of the Referral and Evaluation of At Risk Children Clinic, testified at a hearing involving custody of the couple's biological daughter that she suspected Sherin had been injured at the hands of her parents.

    "I had no explanation other than this child had been physically abused," Dakil testified.

  18. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I wish they could stop calling them her "father" and "mother" and just call them by their rightful titles - KILLERS.
  19. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Hoping they decide to go for the death penalty. That child was abused for a while.
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  20. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    January 19, 2018
    Sherin Mathews: Adoptive Dad Used ‘Deadly Weapon’ To Kill 3-Year-Old Texas Girl, According To Grand Jury
    Wesley Mathews was recently indicted on a capital murder charge for the October 2017 death of his adopted daughter.
    Richardson Police Department/Facebook

    [​IMG] Cia Young

    Just days ago, the adoptive father of Sherin Mathews was indicted for her murder by a grand jury. In the indictment, the grand jury determined Wesley Mathews used a “deadly weapon” to end the child’s life. He may now face the death penalty for the October 2017 crime.

    Weeks ago, the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Sherin died of “homicidal violence,” according to NBC 5 Dallas.

    Mathews’ was subsequently charged with capital murder in Sherin’s death after a grand jury found that during the commission of the killing, he “did use a deadly weapon, the exact nature and description of which is not known…,” reports India-West. The indictment further notes that Mathews “intentionally and knowingly” caused Sheirn’s death.

    Capital murder is a first-degree felony which means if Mathews is convicted of the charge, he could face a sentence of life in prison to the death penalty, according to India-West.

    Although the grand jury indictment does not implicate Sherin’s adoptive mother, Sini Mathews, in the child’s death, it did result in a charge of abandonment and endangering of a child against her, reports NBC 5 Dallas.

    Thus, both of Sherin’s adoptive parents, Sini and Wesley Mathews, remain jailed.

    Just weeks ago, a judge denied the couple access to their biological daughter, who was removed from the home by Child Protective Services shortly after the investigation into Sherin’s disappearance began.

    Sherin’s lifeless body was found by a cadaver dog on Sunday, October 22, in a culvert not far from her family’s home. Wesley was arrested the next day and charged with Injury to a Child.

    Sini is being held on a $100,000 bond. She is accused of leaving Sherin, 3, alone at home while she and her husband, Wesley, went out to dinner with their biological daughter. The outing reportedly took place on October 6, the night before Sherin was reported missing, according to the Dallas Morning News.

    Wesley told police on October 23 that Sherin was left at home because she wouldn’t drink her milk and he became “impatient” with her, reports the Dallas Morning News. He said Sini agreed to leave Sherin behind and was not “coerced” into doing so. He told police when the family returned home about an hour later, Sherin was still in the kitchen.

    An arrest affidavit for Wesley states he told police that on October 7, he and Sherin were in the garage of the family home where he was trying to get her to drink milk, which she ultimately did. He said he then “physically assisted” her as she drank, subsequently observing that she was choking, coughing, and breathing slowly. Wesley stated that “eventually” he couldn’t feel a pulse on Sherin and believed the little girl was dead. He also admitted moving her body from the family home.

    Sherin was adopted by the Mathews in the summer of 2016 from India.


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