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PA THE BOY IN THE BOX: WM, 4-6, found in Philadelphia, PA - Feb 1957 - America's Unknown Child

Discussion in 'Unidentified 1900 to 1979' started by SMC, May 17, 2015.

  1. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    I know they have looked at other possible DNA matches and I know they have tested DNA for possible suspects who weren't part of M's family. I do believe they are looking for all possible DNA matches. It is my understanding that the boy's DNA profile is in CODIS.

    I don't know what the exact terms of the confidentiality agreement were. I do know that names were withheld from both authors, Jim Hoffmann and David Stout.

    I do understand that people are frustrated because information has been withheld about M and her family. I also feel the frustration. We do need to remember that if the boy was murdered by M's mother, everyone involved in his abuse and murder was already deceased by the time M came forward. Maybe this is why she is the focus of so much attention. There is nobody left to receive the wrath. We need to remember that she is also a victim of horrible abuse. When the parents of the little boy are eventually identified, there will be no real justice because the perpetrators who sold a disabled child to pedophiles will likely be six feet under. The primary villains in this case are M's mother and her "evil friends".

    It's also important to remember that M reported being sexually abused by the same people who abused the little boy. They were a group of sick pedophiles and her own mother. M was as much a victim as the boy was. The difference is that she lived to tell her story.

    I remain extremely concerned that there were additional children who were victims of this pedophile group. I can't accept that this group of animals only had two victims - M and a little boy.
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  2. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    There is also a consideration that we need to remember. M's mother did not abuse Jonathan alone. She was an enthusiastic member of a dangerous pedophile group. M was reportedly frightened by the members of this group. She was fearful of retaliation. The Philadelphia Police Force and the Vidocq Society are also protecting M's personal safety with their agreement of silence. Their protection goes much deeper than just an attempt to save M's professional reputation as a PhD and Vice President of a pharmaceutical company. I, personally, have no doubt that M identified the pedophile group to the PPD. With M's mother dead, however, it would have been very difficult to charge this group with much of anything that would stand up in court.

    She was a successful business woman now and “she felt there might be reprisals from her mother’s evil circle of friends,” McGillen told me. As a result, Augustine had to be careful with what he said.

    Hoffmann, Jim. The Boy in the Box: America's Unknown Child (3rd Edition): My Obsession with America's Greatest Crime (p. 61). Susquehanna Road Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    Perhaps most shocking was “M”’ s assertion that her mother severely abused her and the boy physically, as well as sexually. “M” claims the boy was purchased essentially to participate in lewd acts with her mother, a public school librarian, and her mother’s “evil circle of friends.” (McGillen 2006) The two children were malnourished. The boy, according to “M”, “never spoke a word . . . [and] might have had cerebral palsy.” (Erdely 2003)

    Hoffmann, Jim. The Boy in the Box: America's Unknown Child (3rd Edition): My Obsession with America's Greatest Crime (p. 63). Susquehanna Road Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    It’s interesting to note that “M” feared her parents as much as her mother’s “evil circle of friends” (“ M”’ s words). That phrase is very interesting; a bit cryptic. What “M” really meant to say is that she was afraid of her mother’s pedophile group.

    Hoffmann, Jim. The Boy in the Box: America's Unknown Child (3rd Edition): My Obsession with America's Greatest Crime (p. 186). Susquehanna Road Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    “M” has said over and over that her “mother’s evil circle of friends” scared her and made her cautious about coming forward in the first place.

    Hoffmann, Jim. The Boy in the Box: America's Unknown Child (3rd Edition): My Obsession with America's Greatest Crime (p. 188). Susquehanna Road Publishing. Kindle Edition.
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  3. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    I am thinking this may have spiraled out into other "groups".
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  4. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member

    You are probably correct. This group was brazen enough to purchase a seriously disabled child for sexual abuse. I can't even imagine other things they may have done.
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  5. Akoya

    Akoya Bronze Member



    Susquehanna Rd. Crime Scene.
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  6. Monika

    Monika New Member

    I'm so sorry for that poor little boy.........I'm curious if he was really disabled or it all happened because of how bad he was treated,abused ,alone in the basement,nobody care about him,nobody loved him...it's so sad ,it breaking my heart.I was really deeply shocked when I saw his little naked body in cardboard box and after autopsy photos ...really it was hard to look at it ,poor child ....I trully believe that "M" told whole truth.
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  7. Kimster

    Kimster Administrator Staff Member

    It is very very sad! How people can treat children this way defies humanity.

    :welcome: to our group!
  8. SMC

    SMC Member

    Has anyone heard any recent updates on any possible Relative DNA matches.I pray he can get his real name back soon.Very sad.

    New DNA developments and the proliferation of genealogy websites keep the case active.

    “We’re working on DNA evidence and genealogy research and hopefully, I’m convinced, someone knows who that boy is and is going to tell us something,” explained Fleisher

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  9. Mel70

    Mel70 Member

    This Story us HEARTWRENCHING TO SAY THE LEAST!! AND SO LONG AGO! HE WOULD BE OVER 60 YRS OLD TODAY!!! A WHOLE LIFETIME STOLEN!!! This Case is especially confusing. WHO DID THIS?! Well, My First feeling, strongly, is THE MOTHER! I think it's OBVIOUS This Poor Boy SUFFERED CONTINUOUS ABUSE! From the Chopped Hair, To the HORRIFIC BRUISES!! But I think things got OUT OF HAND. SAME OLD STORY.IT BOTHERS ME, AGAIN, A CHILD ISN'T SEEN. IT'S ALWAYS STRANGE! Also, what to make of "The Box". "Once held a Bassinet". An item usually purchased with Anticipated Care, A place, where a Child can sleep safely and comfortably. WAS USED AS A CARDBOARD COFFIN FOR THIS BOY! So Who would have this Box?. Well, The Mother, probably had MORE Children. Because I doubt She would still have the Box containing HIS "Bassinet". The Theory of "Foster care" MAKES SENSE TO ME. And also, if a Family has ALOT of Foster Kids, Their absence could be explained away. And they would likely at some point gave an "Infant". Hence "The Box". Also mentioned was an "Asylum or Orphanage". I think less likely based on the fact they would have Cribs MOST likely. I don't think We will EVER know who He is UNFORTUNATELY. HIS SHORT LIFE WAS FILLED WITH PAIN AND ABUSE I BELIEVE, AND WHAT WAS CHOSEN TO BE HIS COFFIN, THE DAYS LOST FROM THE MORON WITH THE "MUSKRAT" TRAPS. REALLY?! TO STILL NOT KNOWING WHO HE IS SO "IRONICALLY TRAGIC"!
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