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THE "REDHEAD MURDERS": Possible Serial Killer?

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by Lily, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    The redhead murders are a series of unsolved homicides believed to have been committed by an unidentified serial killer in Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. It is presumed that the killings occurred between 1978 and the 1980s, but they may have continued until 1992. The victims, many of whom have never been identified, usually had reddish hair and their bodies were abandoned along major highways in the United States; presumably, they were hitchhiking or engaged in prostitution. Authorities are unsure of how many people were responsible for these murders, if they were all performed by the same perpetrator(s), or how many victims there were.[6] It is believed that a total of eight to eleven victims were involved.


    News article: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=brgfAAAAIBAJ&sjid=rNcEAAAAIBAJ&pg=1432,4859376

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2015
  2. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    I think a good suspect for at least some of these crimes is serial killer Glen Rogers, who had a distinct preference for red-headed victims, stabbed and burned his victims, among other MO's, and committed murders across several southern states, and in California.

    In 1978, he'd have been 16 or 17, and was already violent. Around that time, his girlfriend become pregnant with his first child, which could well have been a trigger for homicidal rage (as it has been, with other killers).

    There's a thread discussing him here:

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  3. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Oh yeah!!! I can see that too, Lily!
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  4. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Here's something that might support Glen Rogers' possible involvement in maybe some of these murders (from the wiki article posted above):

    The Hebron Jane Doe, a suspected prostitute, was located in Ohio in 1990, which is a considerable distance from most of the states where the red-haired victims were found. She was also killed five years after most of the murders happened, but had red hair and was left near an interstate. She had also had sexual intercourse shortly before her death.[39]

    -- Rogers grew up in Ohio, though most of his victims (that we know about) were in other states.

    He was arrested on Nov 13, 1995, in the middle of a major murder spree, so any murders after that date can't be his.
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  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    If she had intercourse, I hope they'd have her perp's DNA on file. And if they have the DNA on file, they should have it available on CODIS. And if it's in CODIS, they should have Rogers' DNA in there too.

    In a perfect world, that is. ;)
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  6. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    If she was a prostitute though, that could muddy things considerably.

    Another point to note re Rogers is that he regularly hopped states very rapidly. For example, he killed one victim on Nov 5th, 1995, in Florida. His next victim was found on Nov 9th, in Louisiana.

    I notice that the "Redhead murders" are said to have stopped in 1992. The spree of known murders that got Rogers caught started in 1994-5. He liked to pick women ip in bars or other very social places, and either have a one night stand or some kind of relationship before killing them. He killed quite a few inside, rather than dumping them on a highway. But he shifted MO a lot, and I am wondering if something happened around 1992-4 that made him change his behaviour from a highway killer to a more indoor type (if indeed he's responsible for any of these earlier murders). I notice too that he started not caring about leaving evidence behond, even his name, during that spree-- which looks like a killer de-volving to me, almost wanting to be caught. Maybe his earlier murders happened before this devolving started, so he was more inclined to hide evidence and leave less behind.

    I certainly won't count him out based on MO, anyway.
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  7. Lily

    Lily Bronze Member

    Some interesting comments, posted below an article on Rogers:

    Maybe I can help clarify some of the open cases/questions. I was the criminal profiler who appeared on the ID Discovery documentary and have visited Glen Rogers 8x in prison. Glen has written over 1,000 pages to me since 2010, though he oddly broke his weekly communication around May 2013. No doubt due to the press.

    Believe me, Glen did not want any of the information released, but I felt compelled to tell what I knew if it would serve justice. His art and letters preceded Discovery ever contacting me, so it was not for more press as has been widely speculated. That last thing he wanted was more attention being out of appeals.

    There is much more than was covered on the documentary. When I signed on, I had no idea his brother was going to narrate the program, nor did I know the title was going to change.


    My best guess is that Glen Edward Rogers is responsible for approximately 17 deaths from Ohio to CA. I have written and verbal admissions of possible murders in OH, KY, FL, CA, LA, MS, OK. He was never in Michigan to my knowledge. If he was in Michigan, it would have been a brief visit, but no known connections there.

    Wherever Glen went, death soon followed.

    He is far more prolific a serial killer than we will ever know unless he confesses before lethal injection.

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  8. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    Another victim identified.

    Redhead Murders investigation 'hot' after Campbell Co. Jane Doe identified

    "It's important to keep looking because somebody out there is waiting for answers."

    Author: Grant Robinson
    Published: 6:03 PM EDT September 7, 2018
    Updated: 8:13 PM EDT September 7, 2018

    On Jan. 1, 1985 the body of a redheaded young woman was discovered along I-75 near Jellico in Campbell County.

    The body was the third redhead found strangled and dumped near an interstate in a two-year span. Over the next four months, three more redheaded victims would be found dumped near interstates in Tennessee and Kentucky.

    The homicides became known as the Redhead Murders. Until Thursday, all but one victim were Jane Does.


    The TBI matched the Campbell County Jane Doe to a missing person report from Indiana. Fingerprints identified the victim as Tina Marie McKinney Farmer.

    Tina Marie McKinney Farmer​

    Read more: https://www.wbir.com/article/news/c...ter-campbell-co-jane-doe-identified/591997602
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