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True Cold Case Files with Jason Futch - YouTube Show

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by Jason Futch, Jan 5, 2019.


Which Case Would You Like me to cover in the 6th episode?

Poll closed Feb 4, 2019.
  1. Green River Killer's Unidentified Victims (Washington)

  2. Jake Sharp and Fred Tate Homicide (Florida)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Dorothy Thomas 1957 Homicide (Florida)

  4. Parker Dam Jane Doe (Washington)

    0 vote(s)
  5. Lavender Jane Doe (Texas)

    0 vote(s)
  6. Th Fort Meyers Eight (Florida)

  7. Ed Gein and His Victims

    0 vote(s)
  1. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch TCCF Host, King of the Highway

    Hello everyone,

    I am Jason Futch and some of you know me as the guy who digs into cases involving unidentified persons in this forum.

    I have begun a new show on YouTube called "True Cold Case Files", which launched today with a new show discussing the case of Fly Creek Jane Doe. My next few episodes have been planned out, which include the Detra McGuire case, Annie Doe, Courtney DuBoise (formerly Cartersville, GA Landfill Jane Doe), and a special focused on Oregon's Unidentified and a special report on what was discovered while covering this situation.

    I will post my videos here weekly. If you have a case you would like me to talk about, reach out to me. Typically, I will only take cases that have not made headline news, as my goal is to publicize cases that have not reached the nation for discussions. I will also occasionally post special messages, such as education on using the NamUs system, how to use a Sex Offender Database, and safety messages for kids!

    Please enjoy my first video, covering the Fly Creek Jane Doe!

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  2. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    Thank you, Jason!
    I look forward to this.

    Has there been any new info on the Courtney Duboise case in Ga.?

    I am also interested in the Dermond murders in Lake Oconee, Ga. at Reynolds Plantation.
    I realize this case is a Headline murder, but having lived there makes me want it solved STAT.
    While the sheriff has stated there is a POI, there is no other info or ID about the POI.

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  3. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch TCCF Host, King of the Highway

    Hey Spike, BTW thanks for following me on Twitter! I'm slowly getting a base in Twitterland!

    No new information on her case, but I hope my coverage on the case will garner some inquiries or trigger someone's mind. However, I did find out that the family had some trouble paying funeral expenses and were going to organize a fundraiser at the local VFW; but apparently her father had overlooked an insurance policy he had opened for her when she was a child. The insurance covered pretty much everything and then some!

    Very interesting about the Dermond Murders. In fact, I remember this case because it made headlines in my hometown in Florida. Its a strange mystery and I have taken a note to add that case to the lineup! I would love to look over that case again!
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  4. spike

    spike Bronze Member

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  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Great job! I'm so proud of you! :loveshower:

    I subscribed so I won't miss any episodes.
  6. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Jason, this is fabulous.
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  7. Skitt

    Skitt Well-Known Member

    Looks great! :thankyou:
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  8. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch TCCF Host, King of the Highway

    Thanks so much for the support on my first video everyone! Loved hearing the feedback and pretty much, I don't need to change much...but to you NFL fans, I'll try not to wear my Jags jersey on every video!

    Just wanted to take a minute to discuss next week's episode on Detra McGuire (link to CrimeWatchers Thread: https://crimewatchers.net/forum/ind...rom-lake-city-fl-2-november-1988-age-23.7041/). The subject matter in this particular episode will be extremely sensitive, as I discuss the beginnings of this case, which evolved from the murder of Detra's daughter Roshanda. I was able to obtain a crime scene photo, which I am choosing to show on the program. I want to warn other viewers that viewing this particular episode will be at the discretion of the viewer. I will also be filtering the episode as an age-restricted video because of this as well.

    In this episode (plan to release before or on Saturday of this week), I will go over the police reports surrounding the homicidal death of Detra's daughter Roshanda and discuss the McGuire case in depth and information that has come forward since. I also discuss a possible person of interest based on information I received during my research, as well as a potential Jane Doe that may fit her profile.

    All this and more on the next episode of "True Cold Case Files"!

    Also looks like The Ft. Meyers Eight is winning in the Episode 6 poll! The poll will close toward the end of the month so get them in!
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
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  9. Dobrev

    Dobrev Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with any of the cases in the poll, so I will leave the voting up to the others, I'll learn something new from whichever case you go with, Jason.

    Consider me intrigued!
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  10. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch TCCF Host, King of the Highway

    There will be a delay in the Detra McGuire video. While filming it, I got the bug and am not sounding well right now so I am going to rest my voice until next week. I may delay the video by a couple of days or release it the next Saturday.
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  11. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    Feel better, Jason!
    So sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
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  12. Dobrev

    Dobrev Well-Known Member

    Feel better soon! :daisy:
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  13. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    Hope you feel better soon
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  14. Skitt

    Skitt Well-Known Member

    Get well soon.
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  15. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I hope you don't have the crud that's going around just south of you. If you do, you might not be able to do the show for a little while.:(
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  16. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch TCCF Host, King of the Highway

    Oh goodness let’s hope not haha. I got sick right after my trip from Cave Junction, but my girlfriend got seriously sick before me and had to get antibiotics. Thankfully I’ve been dosing up on decongestants and OJ early on lol
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  17. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Jason, do you have a new video out today?
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  18. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch TCCF Host, King of the Highway

    Tomorrow at 8am! :) putting final touches now before I upload it to YouTube to set up the premier!
  19. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

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  20. Jason Futch

    Jason Futch TCCF Host, King of the Highway

    For real! I’m glad I was able to finish it. Between getting sick and my equipment crapping out, I reckon I can say I had a hard working week...mix that in with work lol
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