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#Updates: Explosion at Concert at Manchester Arena ~ UK

Discussion in 'Terrorist Attacks' started by noZme, May 22, 2017.

  1. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member


    Courtney Boyle and Philip Tron

    Philip Tron, 32, and his partner's daughter Courtney Boyle, 19, from Gateshead, were killed in the attack.

    In a statement, Courtney's mum said: "My stunning, amazing, beautiful daughter, you were my rock, you made me so proud with all you had achieved.

    "My gorgeous crazy Philip, you made my world a happy place, and now you are both my angels flying high in the sky."

    Courtney's dad said he would "miss his baby girl" and her sister said she was "now a shining yellow star in the sky".

    Her boyfriend also paid tribute to his "soulmate", adding: "No one had what that lass had, she was like no other. And she was on a path to fulfilment, and was happy when she passed."

    Philip's mum paid tribute to her son, saying: "Philip was such a fun loving, energetic soul, he would light up the darkest room and lift your spirits with his infectious laugh, witty sense of humour and his beautiful smile."

    She said she wanted to thank the emergency services and the people of Manchester for "their continued help and support which they have given us throughout this harrowing time".
  2. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member


    Elaine McIver

    The Cheshire Police officer, 43, who was off-duty at the concert, was described by her family as "the best we could ever have wished for".

    She was with her partner Paul, who was seriously injured, and two children, who were also hurt.

    In a statement, her family said: "Elaine was a much-loved daughter, sister, auntie, friend and colleague.

    "She was everyone's friend, thoughtful beyond belief with an effervescent and outgoing personality.

    "She would have been devastated by the injuries sustained by her partner Paul, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

    "Elaine just loved life, and had a major love of music. Despite what has happened to her, she would want us all to carry on regardless and not be frightened by fear tactics, instead she regularly urged us all to rise up against it.

    "Although we will all miss her beyond belief, we absolutely know she will live in our hearts forever."

    Ms McIver joined Cheshire Police as a special constable 20 years ago and became a regular officer in September 1998.

    Her most recent position was working for the force's regional organised crime unit.

    Chief Constable Simon Byrne said: "Friends who knew her well have described her as big hearted, bubbly and a positive person."

    Crime Commissioner David Keane said her death was being felt "across the constabulary and the wider community", adding: "It is at moments like this that we must remain unified and strong."
  3. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member


    Wendy Fawell

    The 50-year-old mum from Otley, West Yorkshire, had travelled to the concert with her friend, Caroline, and their children. Caroline was seriously injured.

    Wendy's son Adam Fawell said the family were "devastated", adding: "Mum was a wonderful woman. She'll be sadly missed.

    "We'd like to thank everyone for all the effort that went into trying to find her."

    Family friend Jean Osborne said: "She was the kindest person you'd ever wish to meet. She'd do anything for you. She was an awesome person. She'll be missed by many."

    Staff at Oswald's C of E Primary School, in Guiseley, where Ms Fawell had previously worked, have expressed their "deep sadness".

    In a post on Twitter, the school said: "It is with deepest sadness that I confirm that our former colleague Wendy Fawell was killed in the Manchester bombing. RIP, Wendy."
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  4. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member


    Eilidh MacLeod

    The 14-year-old from Barra in the Outer Hebrides was at the Ariana Grande concert with a friend.

    Her parents said in a statement: "Words cannot express how we feel at losing our darling Eilidh.

    "Eilidh was vivacious and full of fun. She loved all music whether it was listening to Ariana or playing the bagpipes with her pipe band.

    "As a family we would like to express our thanks and gratitude for the support and kind messages we have received at this difficult time."

    Eilidh's friend, Laura MacIntyre, is said to be in a "serious condition" in a Manchester hospital.
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  5. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member


    Isn't that the truth? :tears:
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  6. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member


    Tributes to victims as investigation widens

    1. UK police no longer sharing intelligence about the attack with the US, in row over information leaks
    2. The Queen is visiting Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, where 14 young victims are being treated
    3. A national minute's silence has been held to remember victims
    4. Police say they have made "significant" arrests - eight people are still in custody
    5. Raids on properties have yielded "very important" items
    6. Terror threat level to stay at "critical" and people told to be "vigilant"
    7. Twenty-two people died in Monday's bomb attack, 116 were injured and 75 are still in hospital
    8. Suspected suicide bomber was Salman Abedi, a UK-born 22-year-old of Libyan extraction
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  7. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

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  8. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member


    Manchester bombing: What the pictures of the device tell us

    The bomb that killed 22 people in Manchester was an intricate device that was likely put together by an experienced bomb-maker, who then sent a protégé to detonate it, experts say.
    The New York Times published photos Wednesday that purportedly show the remnants of the bomb, including a battery, screws and what appears to be a detonation system, as well as shreds of a blue backpack in which the device is believed to have been concealed.
    Here's what the pictures tell us about the suicide bombing outside the Ariana Grande concert:
  9. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

  10. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member



    'Son of the year' killed in Manchester terror attack
    A young Manchester man who made headlines in December as the "son of the year" has been named as one of the victims from Monday night's terror attack in Manchester.
    Martyn Hett, from the Stockport suburb, gained international attention last year after a social media campaign to save his mother's knitting career went viral.
    Dubbed the "son of the year" by Buzzfeed and the Today Show, Hett took to Twitter after his mother told him she was struggling to make any sales at a Christmas craft fair.
  11. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

    bomber phoned mom before attack, said 'forgive me'
    Last Updated Thursday, May 25, 2017 1:53PM EDT
    CAIRO -- A Libyan anti-terror official says the alleged Manchester bomber phoned his mother hours before the concert attack and said "forgive me."

    disruptive & banned from mosque
    Manchester is home to one of Britain's largest Libyan communities. Mohammed Fadl, a community leader, said the Abedi family is well known, but Salman did not attend many gatherings.

    "Very few people in the community here were close to him and therefore Salman's fanaticism wasn't something the community was aware of," he told the AP.

    He said he had heard that Salman's father took his son's passport away amid concerns about his close ties to alleged extremists and criminals.

    Authorities are investigating whether Abedi could have been stopped, after Libyan community members in Manchester reported concerns about his views.

    Akram Ramadan said Salman Abedi had been banned from Manchester's Didsbury Mosque, one of the largest in the city.

    "There was a sermon about anti-Daesh (IS) and he stood up and started calling the Imam -- 'You are talking bollocks,"' Ramadan said. "And he gave a good stare, a threatening stare into the Imam's eyes ... he was banned."

    Fadl, the community leader, disputed that account and the bomber's father insisted Wednesday in an interview with the AP that Salman had no links to militants, saying "we don't believe in killing innocents."

    Abedi had been in Libya in the weeks before the attack, and German magazine Focus, citing unnamed federal security source, reported that he passed through Duesseldorf airport four days before the bombing.

    A German security official told the AP on Thursday the report was accurate, speaking on condition of anonymity because the information hadn't been cleared for public release.

    Last edited: May 25, 2017
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  12. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

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  13. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member


    Manchester attack: Mobile phone 'saved woman's life'

    Pictures have emerged showing a mobile phone which is believed to have saved the life of a Gwynedd woman badly injured in the Manchester bombing.

    Lisa Bridgett, of Pwllheli, had been using the phone after the Ariana Grande concert on Monday when the explosion caused a steel nut to hit her.

    She lost a middle finger before the nut went through her phone and her cheek, ending up lodged in her nose.

    Her husband said the phone probably diverted and slowed down the nut.

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  14. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

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  15. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

    Manchester attack: Abedi bought most bomb parts 'himself'

    Manchester bomber Salman Abedi bought most of the components used to make the bomb himself, police have said.

    Many of the suicide attacker's movements and actions were "carried out alone" in the four days prior to the attack, Russ Jackson, head of the North West counter terrorism unit, said.

    But police have yet to rule out whether he was part of a wider network.
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  16. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member


    Manchester attack: Fears Salman Abedi may have made other bombs ease as searches continue

    The Independent understands that all bomb-making materials have been accounted for in ongoing searches, with the discoveries contributing to the decision to lower the threat level from critical back to severe.

    Fresh searches have been carried out in Banff Road, Rusholme, following previous operations in the nearby Curry Mile.

    blue suitcase they are attempting to recover." data-reactid="34">The street is linked to Wilmslow Road – the area where investigators said Abedi repeatedly returned in the lead-up to the attack with a blue suitcase they are attempting to recover.

    Greater Manchester Police confirmed the search in Banff Road was linked to the bombing but did not release any findings or announce new arrests.

    A bomb disposal unit was deployed at the scene as a precaution but was later stood down, while a police cordon remained in place.

    The origin of the device Abedi used to massacre 22 people at Manchester Arena is of particular concern.
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  17. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member


    'I got to meet my queen today!' Ariana Grande embraces survivors of her bombed gig as she brings presents to Manchester Children's Hospital in a heart-warming surprise visit

    Miss Grande paid surprise visit to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital on Friday night and handed out gifts
    The popstar, who is in town for the One Love benefit concert, posed for photos with Jaden and hospital staff


    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...rises-survivors-bombed-gig.html#ixzz4itU45a5D
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
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  18. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    I have a lot of respect for Arianna Grande now. The whole way this has affected her and how she's dealt with this whole thing is admirable.
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  19. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Standing with you there Cuz.
    She shook this off as much as possible and returned - not only to the UK but to those effected by the blast.
    Well done Arianna.
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  20. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    I couldn't stand to read about any of the victims. Too sad for me. I did see there was an aunt who threw herself in front of her niece to save her life and the aunt died. It's just so instinctual and if she hadn't done it she'd have had so much guilt for the rest of her life. At the same time, the niece must be devastated.
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