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#UPDATES: Shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County, Florida - 14 Feb 2018

Discussion in 'Crimes' started by Kimster, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. fran

    fran Administrator Staff Member

    'It’s not about me,' says officer who caught Stoneman Douglas shooter

    The Broward Commission on Tuesday honored Coconut Creek Officer Michael Leonard, who identified Stoneman
    Douglas High shooter Nikolas Cruz and took him into custody. Commissioner Mark Bogen reads the commission's
    proclamation. (Larry Barszewski, Sun Sentinel)

    he Coconut Creek police officer who took Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooter Nikolas Cruz into custody just over an hour after the rampage ended was honored by Broward County commissioners Tuesday.

    The commission named Tuesday Officer Michael Leonard and Coconut Creek Police Department Appreciation Day.

    “It’s not about me. It’s about my brothers and sisters in law enforcement, fire rescue, first responders. We all had a role that day,” Leonard told commissioners. “I’m honored to wear the badge.”

    Leonard appeared at the commission meeting to receive the honor with Coconut Creek Police Chief Albert “Butch” Arenal.

    After the commission honor, Leonard said he was focused on his position as a police officer Feb. 14 when he spotted Cruz and detained him about three miles away from the high school in Coral Springs.

    “Based on some radio traffic, I was able to determine who he was,” the officer said.

    Leonard said he knew he was coming upon somebody that might still be armed.

    “I knew that there were individuals that had passed away already at this killer’s hands,” Leonard said.

    Cruz did not resist arrest — “Absolutely not,” Leonard said.

    Leonard, who has an 18-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter, struggled to maintain his emotions talking about his role in apprehending Cruz.

    “When you come against evil like that and you have children at home that are about that age, it’s very close to my heart. It was difficult, but I’m so honored that I was able to be a part and do my part and take this killer into custody,” Leonard said.

    Leonard wasn’t ready to accept the title of hero, saying all those who were involved that day were heroes.

    “They’re all heroes,” he said. “I was just doing my job that day.”

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  2. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

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  3. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    Nikolas Cruz's school shooting case goes to grand jury next week
    Sun Sentinel
    Paula McMahon

    State prosecutors are expected to present the criminal case against Nikolas Cruz to a grand jury in Broward County early next week.
    Several people with knowledge of the case said they have been told it will be heard on Tuesday and Wednesday. All spoke on condition of anonymity because the proceedings are secret.

    Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/n...to-grand-jury-next-week/ar-BBJJxYP?li=BBnb7Kz
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  4. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

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  5. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

    Dwyane Wade has special shoes made in honor of fallen Douglas student, meets with parents

    Manuel Oliver and Patricia Oliver buried their 17-year-old son Joaquin last month in a Dwyane Wade jersey.

    Saturday night at AmericanAirlines Arena, the Olivers were special guests of Wade, who has dedicated the rest of his 15th season in the NBA to Joaquin by writing his name on his sneakers every game.

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  6. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

    Inside an accused school shooter’s mind: A plot to kill ‘50 or 60. If I get lucky maybe 150.’

    Six days before he allegedly opened fire on an elementary school playground, the eighth-grader returned to his Instagram group chat to fixate, yet again, on his most intense interests: guns and bombs and the mass murder of children.

    “My plan,” wrote Jesse Osborne, who had turned 14 three weeks earlier, “is shooting my dad getting his keys getting in his truck, driving to the elementary school 4 mins away, once there gear up, shoot out the bottom school class room windows, enter the building, shoot the first class which will be the 2d grade, grab teachers keys so I don’t have to hasle to get through any doors.”

    He had been researching other school shooters for months and, determined to outdo them, learned exactly how many people they’d murdered: 13 at Columbine High; 26 at Sandy Hook Elementary; 32 at Virginia Tech.

    On Valentine’s Day, at the same time police say another angry teen, Nikolas Cruz, slaughtered 17 people at a Parkland, Fla., high school with a semiautomatic AR-15, Jesse was sitting in a South Carolina courtroom, waiting to find out whether he would be tried as an adult for a 2016 rampage that left his father and a 6-year-old dead.

    The two teens have much in common. Both, investigators say, tortured animals, obsessed over guns and bragged of their deadly intentions on social media. And in the hours after Cruz’s alleged murders, as the nation began, once again, to ask why, a group of detectives, prosecutors and psychiatrists were providing answers about Jesse, now 15. He’d detailed his motives in dozens of online messages, in his 46-page confession and in lengthy interviews with doctors who evaluated him, offering extraordinary insight into the mind of an American school shooter.

    For Peter Langman, one of the country’s leading experts on the subject, the teen’s calculated approach and lack of empathy called to mind Eric Harris, one of the Columbine killers Jesse idolized.

    “The coldbloodedness, the callousness of the attack — not only before but afterwards,” said Langman, who was not involved in the case but has reviewed Jesse’s confession. “Even having done it, he’s not struck with horror or guilt.”

    In fact, James Ballenger, a psychiatrist who interviewed Jesse for a total of nine hours, found that the teen reveled in what he’d done.

    More at link...
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  7. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

    Florida students say hero teacher was really a 'coward' who left them to die

    At least two students who survived the chaos and bloodshed of the Florida school shooting last month are challenging the narrative surrounding a teacher hailed as a hero after the rampage.

    Math teacher Jim Gard was credited with protecting students in his classroom in the horrifying moments of Feb. 14 after a teen gunman unleashed a fusillade of bullets at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

    In recent days, however, students Josh Gallagher and Connor Dietrich have expressed contempt at Gard on Twitter. Josh said Gard "called himself a hero, and ... the media portrayed him as a hero when in reality he is the opposite."

    Josh said he was in Gard's class when the fire alarm went off and the students filed out. When they heard gunshots, about 15 of them froze before racing back to the classroom. Gard, however, had locked the door and refused to let them in.

    "We were stuck in the hall for four total minutes, ducking and in fear for our lives" until a teacher Josh didn't know let them in another classroom, Josh said. He said Gard "left 75% of his students out in the hallway to be slaughtered."
  8. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

    In 2004, he walked into school with a shotgun. Today — from prison — he weighs in on Parkland.

    On an icy Monday morning in February 2004, Jon Romano was hunched in a bathroom stall on the third floor of his high school outside of Albany, N.Y., tapping out a text message to his few friends.

    “I’m in school with shot gun,” he wrote, the New York Times would later report. “Get out.”

    Clad in a long black leather coat, the 16-year-old then washed his hands, picked up a brand-new Winchester 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, and stepped into a hallway at Columbia High School. He fired two blasts before Assistant Principal John Sawchuk tackled the 6-foot-2, 230-pound teenager. As the two struggled, a third shot ripped from the gun, hitting the legs of a special-education teacher named Michael Bennett. Although bullets came close enough to graze a student’s baseball cap, no one else was hit. There were no fatalities.

    More than a decade later, the shooter not only credits Sawchuk with saving his classmates but his own life. Last week, prompted by a column in his hometown paper revisiting his 2004 attack in light of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla., Romano wrote a letter to the Times Union.

    “John Sawchuk is a hero who I owe my life to,” Romano wrote from Coxsackie Correctional Facility in New York, where he is serving a 20-year-sentence. “I know that every time another horrible shooting happens, he and all of my victims are hurt all over again by what I did to them. I want to take away their pain, but knowing I cannot, I want to prevent others from experiencing this pain.”
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  9. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz indicted on 17 counts of murder
    MAR 07, 2018 | 11:1

    Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was formally charged Wednesday with 17 counts of first-degree murder, which could mean a death sentence if he is convicted.

    The indictment returned by a grand jury in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., also charges the 19-year-old with 17 counts of attempted murder for the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland in which 17 people died and more than a dozen others were wounded.

    Cruz's public defender has said he will plead guilty if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table, which would mean a life sentence in prison. The Broward County state attorney has not announced a decision on the death penalty.

    James and Kimberly Snead, the couple who gave Cruz a home after his mother died late last year, testified before the grand jury Wednesday. Both James Snead and the couple's attorney, Jim Lewis, wore silver "17" pins to honor the victims of the shooting.

    Read more: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-cruz-charged-20180307-story.html
  10. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    Nikolas Cruz, accused Parkland shooter, ‘restless’ in solitary, reports say

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — He lies on his bunk and stares at the ceiling for hours. He avoids eye contact and keeps his head down. He was heard laughing at one point, and the only thing he has asked for is a Bible.

    But three weeks in solitary confinement in a Florida cell hasn't ruined accused Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz's appetite, according to observation reports obtained Wednesday by NBC News that give a glimpse into the day-to-day existence of the most high-profile prisoner in the Broward County Jail.

    The revelations came as the 19-year-old suspect was hit with a 34-count indictment for the Valentine's Day rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that left 17 dead.

    Cruz was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder in the first degree and 17 counts attempted murder in the first degree, State Attorney Michael Satz said.

    Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-new...shooter-restless-solitary-reports-say-n854391
  11. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    One was shot 5 times, another grazed in his head. Here are the 17 who survived the Florida school shooting
    MAR 08, 2018 | 10:35 AM

    The killer fired his AR-15 at them on that terrible afternoon at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and they survived.

    One lived after her friend, who would be killed, urged her to use a book to block the shots. Another was shot as he used his body to hold the door shut. Others were hit as they crouched in classrooms and shot after shot was fired through locked doors.

    A complete list of the wounded from the Parkland school shooting was released for the first time Wednesday, as part of the indictment of Nikolas Cruz for murder and attempted murder.

    The indictment, handed up by a grand jury in Fort Lauderdale, charges Cruz with 17 counts of premeditated first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder in the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

    Read more: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-florida-shooting-survivors-20180308-story.html
  12. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

    Anthony Borges, Stoneman Douglas student shot five times, returns to intensive care
    Anthony Borges is a tough, well-conditioned student athlete who is defying the odds.

    During the shooting last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, the 15-year-old used his body to block a classroom door, saving the lives of numerous students. Shot five times, he was among the most seriously wounded of the survivors of the Feb. 14 rampage that killed 17 students and teachers.

    Doctors operated on Borges on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, and he is now in stable condition, hisfamily’s attorney told the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

    “He’s doing OK now,” the lawyer, Alex Arreaza, said Thursday afternoon. “This kid is an athlete, and he’s obviously in very good shape. He has grit and is super tough — and that’s what it takes. He’s defied all odds, and he continues to do so.”

    Doctors detected a possible abdominal infection and an ulcer in his small intestine from the impact of one of the bullets, his father, Royer Borges, wrote on Facebook.

    “So they decided to intervene and cut that section of the small intestine so that my son’s life wasn’t further compromised,” he wrote. “They will make three or four more trips to the operating room during these coming days. They want to make sure they clean well and that all his organs are out of danger. I thank you all for your support and please do not stop praying for him and my family.”
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  13. Imamazed

    Imamazed Lead Administrator Staff Member

    Hear the Stoneman Douglas 911 calls: ‘Someone’s shooting up the school’
    “Please help me,” a terrified student texted to her sister’s fiance, who was on the line with 911. “He’s here.”

    Her desperate plea came as the sound of gunfire overtook the 1200 building at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

    “Shot, shot, shot … Mom. God,” another student texted to his mother, who also called 911.

    Two more petrified students hid alone in a classroom, crouched beneath a window, according to a recording of a 911 call made during the Feb. 14 mass shooting at the Parkland school.

    “She’s terrified right now,” the caller told the dispatcher. “She’s afraid to talk, they’re hiding right now.”

    The caller was on the line with a mother who was talking by cellphone to one of her two daughters at the school.

    “Be quiet, be quiet, keep the phone line open,“ the dispatcher warned. “Don’t move. Just stay hidden.”
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  14. kdg411

    kdg411 Resource Mod

    Parkland gunman's brother arrested for trespassing at Stoneman Douglas

    Zachary Cruz went on campus to 'reflect on the school shooting,' deputies say

    By Tim Swift - Local10.com Digital Editor
    Posted: 6:45 PM, March 19, 2018Updated: 8:46 PM, March 19, 2018

    Nikolas Cruz was arrested Monday after he went onto the campus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the Broward County Sheriff's Office said.Zachary Cruz, 18, faces a charge of trespassing.

    Authorities had previously told Zachary Cruz to avoid the campus. According to the arrest report, Zachary Cruz told deputies that he went to the campus to “reflect on the school shooting and soak it in.”

    Deputies said security cameras showed him riding his skateboard onto the school grounds, bypassing the campus' locked doors and gates around 4:30 p.m.

    Zachary Cruz cried when his brother appeared in court.[​IMG]


    I'm glad that NC had someone there for him in court.
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  15. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Yeah, not cool. He should have asked permission first.
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  16. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    This guy seems totally "off" just like his brother. He had been prohibited from going on campus, yet he thought it would be OK to breach the locked gates and skateboard there?
    I hope authorities permanently commit this guy before he "explodes." JMO
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  17. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I agree wholeheartedly. These people are not worth the risk.
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  18. kdg411

    kdg411 Resource Mod

    I hope there's someone who will try to help him through all of this. It's such a tremendous and tragic event for someone so young. The person who offered to help (pic below) seems to have misguided intentions about his supposed inheritance. Make note of the attorney sitting next to her.

    Rocxanne Deschamps sheds tears during a news conference, Tuesday, March 20, 2018, in New York. Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooting suspect, lived with Deschamps for a while after his mother's death and was living with a different family when the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting took place.

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  19. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    Zachary Cruz also has a history of behavioral problems so I think the court is taking precautions with him. He was involuntarily committed, briefly, to an MH hospital after the shooting. Yet, the article you posted states he's been on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas campus 3 times since being warned to stay away. Plus this (from same article):

    A prosecutor said that Zachary Cruz, 18, expressed admiration for his brother Nikolas Cruz’s fame since the Feb. 14 shooting and that they had discussed whether it might attract girls and pen pals.​

    That's very disturbing.
    Zachary's trespassing on campus is additional trauma to students and families already traumatized by the shooting. Just my opinion.
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  20. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    Wow! A lot more problems at this school. Two students had knives. Another is a Nikolas Cruz wannabe. :panic:

    March 21, 2018, 6:41 AM
    2 Stoneman Douglas students arrested for bringing weapons to school

    PARKLAND, Fla. – Two Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students are under arrest for bringing weapons to school. As students try to get back to normal at Stoneman Douglas following last month's mass shooting, now comes news of the arrest of two students, another one committed for psychological evaluation and a deputy placed on paid suspension, CBS Miami reports.
    Another student, a 10th grader who was not identified, "was removed from class for posting pictures on Snap-Chat depicting a handgun in his waistband and numerous bullets."

    BSO says the student stated the picture was, "of a BB gun and the bullets were his father's."

    The student "…goes by a gamer tag name he created called, 'NickCruz'. He uses this gamer tag in the game Fortnite."

    The student has been committed for a psychological evaluation.

    In yet another incident, BSO has announced Deputy Moises Carotti has been suspended with pay after a student notified the school he was asleep in his patrol unit.

    Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/stonem...ents-arrested-for-bringing-weapons-to-school/

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