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#UPDATES: Turpin family found abused in Perris, California

Discussion in 'Crimes' started by noZme, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

  2. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    I hate to see people putting any kind of pressure or "blame" on the boy for not divulging what was going on. People did the same thing to Shawn Hornbeck when he was found. "Well he let you talk to people. He let you on the internet. Why didn't you say anything?"

    When you're beaten and broken both physically and mentally, it can be impossible. Some kids react differently, of course. But many couldn't tell someone even if they wanted to. The girls who eventually escaped and the one who did tell were extremely brave.
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  3. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    So they're all in state/county care for now. :( Not ideal, but I hope they continue to get great care and to heal. And that anyone who tries to get custody goes through the strictest scrutiny and checks of all sorts.
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  4. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    BBM I agree. I don't like how some of those articles are titled and how they start. But they do explain that his mother drove him and waited in the car for him (scare tactic!). There's always the fear that their plans to escape might backfire and then the torture would only get worse.
    I'm glad the articles also included the insights of a psychiatrist to explain why the children responded as they did. The CBS video gives more insight on the situation.
    I saw somewhere that the children didn't even know how to brush their teeth. They've never been to a dentist. I hope they don't lose all of their teeth -- poor nutrition, and probably dehydration, will take its toll.
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  5. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

    It really pi$$es me off seeing the over nourished parents that literally starved their kids! How can one, let alone both parents do that? Kids eat first!
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    NOCLUE Bronze Member


    who needs to put even MORE guilt upon the shoulders of this poor victim of such brainwashing and abuse!!!


    NOCLUE Bronze Member

    It just seems to go against every parent's natural instincts!!!:mad:
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  8. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    Just amazing isn't it. :rant:
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  9. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

    This is probably the exact reason why the mom waited for him outside his classes, so he wouldn't have the chance to speak out.
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  10. NOCLUE

    NOCLUE Bronze Member

    I agree...

    and not let him "make a run for it"!
  11. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    Why child abuse like the Turpin family horrors is so hard to prevent or halt

    FEB 06, 2018 | 4:05 AM

    Hard cases make bad law. That may be the disturbing but difficult-to- avoid lesson from the stomach-turning abuse suffered by the 13 children of David and Louise Turpin for at least a decade.

    The Turpins, who are set to return to court Feb. 23, are an extreme example. It's not only the number of children they allegedly mistreated or even the length of time for which the abuse went on. It's also the fact that — so far as authorities can figure and despite what seems like a thorough search by the media — no one appears to have reported the Turpins to the police or child services. This fact alone makes the Turpin family unlike almost every other case of extreme neglect or abuse that has been uncovered in the last few decades. And it's why any attempt to pass new legislation based on this tragedy will be at best ineffective at preventing similar situations and at worst unnecessarily infringe on the freedom of millions of decent families.

    Read more: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-riley-turpin-child-welfare-law-20180206-story.html
  12. I'm not sure if they are" my phone contacts accidentally was on Twitter and a couple people saw and recognized one of my contacts from my phone and they posted about the {Bryn Alyn Hall} which led me to the truth with the facts about one of my contacts on my phone" I didn't know until I read the facts on the Bryan Alyn Hall newspaper clipping from" on or around 30 years back" and I found this is one of the satanic ritual pedophile ring leaders......truth with facts......!
  13. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    Police investigating separate thefts at Turpin home
    By: Jesus Reyes
    Posted:Feb 15, 2018 09:14 PM PST
    Updated:Feb 16, 2018 09:18 AM PST

    According to Investigator Armando Munoz, the department has taken two calls of reported thefts in the last 72 hours, both involving vehicles at the home.

    The first theft occurred Wednesday morning, with a vehicle being reported stolen. Thursday morning, there was another call of a break-in at the home, with a second vehicle being reported stolen.

    More: http://www.kesq.com/news/police-investigating-seperate-thefts-at-turpin-home/702265923


    This article is not well written, but does show that the children are making progress:

    Uffer notes that several of the siblings expressed an interest in music and picked up the instrument after a donation from Corona-based Fender Guitars in Corona.

    “I have actually gone over and showed them some chords and they loved that,” Uffer says, noting he’s a drummer in a local rock band. “Music is very soothing and a great hobby … it takes you to a quiet, soothing place.

    At this point, some of the Turpin siblings can play John Denver and Tom Petty songs on the donated acoustic guitars, according to Uffer. The siblings have even engaged in a sing-along.

    Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/msn/...ncluding-tom-petty-and-john-denver/ar-BBJ8ID0
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  14. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I agree that music has great healing power!
  15. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    By CRIMESIDER STAFF CBS/AP February 23, 2018, 4:22 PM
    David and Louise Turpin face new charges in captivity case
    Last Updated Feb 23, 2018 5:28 PM EST

    Our office filed an amended complaint was filed today against David and Louise #Turpin which adds three new counts of cruelty to a child against both defendants and one new count of felony assault charged against Louise Turpin. The next court hearing will be held on March 23. pic.twitter.com/2FfAquEp1Q

    — Riverside DA Office (@RivCoDA) February 23, 2018

    Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/david-...captivity-case-today-02-23-2018-live-updates/
  16. guess who

    guess who Bronze Member

    From above article

    A defense attorney said there was "significant physical evidence" in the case and wasn't sure whether he would be prepared.

    Maybe he could save a lot of time and get them pleading out now.
  17. Uno2Much

    Uno2Much Bronze Member

    'House of Horrors' parents plead not guilty to new charges
    By Elizabeth Zwirz

    “House of Horrors” parents David and Louise Turpin appeared in court on Friday, pleading not guilty to charges of child abuse, the latest filed against the California couple.

    The two have previously pleaded not guilty to a slew of other charges including torture, and are being held in prison on $12 million bail.

    The mother of 13 also pleaded not guilty on Friday to a count of felony assault. The couple, who allegedly starved and shackled some of their children, did not speak much in court, aside from agreeing to appear for a preliminary hearing in May.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/23/house-horrors-parents-plead-not-guilty-to-new-charges.html
  18. Paradise

    Paradise Media Mod

    'House of Horrors' Mom Believes She Did 'Nothing Wrong' and Is 'Going to Get Out' of Jail: Sister

    Calif. Couple Arrested For Allegedly Forcing Their 3 Children to Live in a Box for 4 Years
    Parents of three children have been arrested for allegedly forcing an 11-year-old and two young teens to live in a box in the middle of California’s desert for years

    The sister of alleged ‘House of Horrors’ mom Louise Turpin has described her sibling as “living in a la-la land,” and says the suspected child abuser believes “she didn’t do nothing wrong.”

    Speaking to Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, Elizabeth Flores alleges that Turpin is so disconnected from reality that she thinks she’s “going to get out and we’re going to play board games again,” like the pair did as children.

    “We’re searching for answers just like the rest of the world,” said Flores, who visited Turpin, 49, and her husband, David Turpin, 56, in jail in California last week along with her cousin, Tricia Andreassen, to try to make sense of what she termed a “nightmare.”

    “We really don’t know what happened. That’s why we’re seeking out answers just like you are,” Flores told hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

    From left: David and Louise Turpin
    Riverside County Sheriff's Department (2)
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    She added, “It really makes us so angry. We really just want to vomit.”

    Andreassen added, “When we went and saw Louise, we walked out of there and we were like, ‘Oh my gosh, what in the world are we seeing? Is she just totally insane? What in the world?’ ”

    David and Louise Turpin face numerous criminal charges in the alleged abuse of their 13 children, who ranged in age from 2 to 29 at the time of the parents’ arrest. The charges include torture, false imprisonment and abuse. Only the youngest child appears to have been somewhat spared, according to prosecutors.

    The alleged abuse came to light when their 17-year-old daughter escaped from the house on Jan. 14 and dialed 911with a disconnected cell phone to report that she and her 12 siblings were allegedly being held captive by their parents.

    The Turpin family
    A Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas
    Authorities entered the house to find an allegedly horrendous scene of malnutrition and squalor, with some of the children shackled to their beds. Prosecutors allege the Turpins denied their children food — while eating healthy amounts themselves — and only allowed them to take one shower a year.

    Father ‘Knew That He Had Messed Up’ and Was ‘Sobbing’: Relatives
    Asked if the Turpins realize the severity of what they’ve been charged with, Flores told Good Morning Britain, “I don’t think Louise does. I think David is starting to realize.”

    “David was broken. He knew that he had messed up and he was broken.”

    “We went and saw David and he was just sobbing,” added Andreassen. “He would sob, like his shoulders would shake up and down.”

    “I said ‘I don’t know all the things you’ve done,’ and he said, ‘It will come out.’ ”

    Andreassen, continued, “Was he crying because he got caught? Is he crying because he’s remorseful? Is he crying because he’s separated from Louise? We don’t really know. Louise on the other hand, I hope to God they’re going to give a psychological evaluation.”

    The Turpins are currently being held on a $9 million bond each and face life in prison if convicted of the crimes against their children. They have pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

    The attorney for the seven adult children, Jack Osborn, recently told the Palm Springs Desert Sun that the siblings — affectionately referred to by locals as “the Magnificent 13″ — will testify against their parents at trial.

    “I said ‘I don’t know all the things you’ve done,’ and he said, ‘It will come out.’ ” OH NO:(
  19. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    I think David was sobbing for himself.
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  20. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    This entire case is nauseating.
    How did the public school teachers not realize the condition of those children?
    The other children knew...or noticed the condition of their hygiene.
    Not blaming teachers...I know there is only so much that can be done...but there were so many children.

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