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Vic WARREN MEYER: Missing from Healesville, Vic - 23 March 2008 - Age 57

Discussion in 'Australia: Missing & Unidentified' started by MULDER, Apr 20, 2017.


    MULDER Bronze Member

    upload_2017-4-21_14-4-47.png upload_2017-4-21_14-5-20.png

    Details from Warren Meyers Missing Persons Website

    Name: Warren Meyer
    Age: 57 years-old
    Date Last seen: 23rd March 2008
    Location: Healesville, Victoria Australia

    Warren has been missing since Easter Sunday, 23 rd March 2008, after intending to walk 3 hours or so from the Dom Dom Saddle car park in the Yarra Ranges, which is a 15 minute drive north of Healesville.
    His intended ‘5 km in and 5 km out' walk commenced before 8.00am.

    Warren was a tall
    His facial characteristics included a moustache and rimless glasses.
    He was wearing a blue baseball cap
    khaki shorts
    khaki t-shirt
    a light black jacket
    He carried with him a black back pack and bright yellow GPS.

    His white Subaru Forester was found in the high end of the Dom Dom Saddle car park, just a short distance from the Black Spur Road.
    He spoke with a Canadian accent.

    In Warren's back pack he carried:
    metal thermos and cup
    a fully charged phone
    at least one map
    a whistle
    a small book
    batteries and other sundry items
    a second pair of prescription sunglasses
    all the ingredients to ensure a safe and uncomplicated hike.

    Even though there were 3 official searches in 2008, and the family/friends extensive searches over 2 years, nothing belonging to Warren has ever been found.

    An entrenched habit of preparing like this extended back over more than 30 years of regular hiking. The family knew Warren to be conservative in the way he approached even the simplest of hikes, this one with wide roads/tracks with firebreaks throughout was simpler than most hikes undertaken by him.

    The weather was warm and sunny. All indications are that everything about Easter Sunday was favourable for an enjoyable morning's hike.

    A reward of up to $100,000 is being offered by the Meyer family for the discovery of the remains of Warren Meyer.

    Please contact email warren.meyer@live.com.au
    or crime stoppers 1800 333 000 if you have any information


    eta media link: http://www.crimewatchers.net/forum/...nt-dom-dom-area-on-sunday-24-march-2008.2209/
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    MULDER Bronze Member

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    MULDER Bronze Member

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    MULDER Bronze Member

    From the Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN) Campaign


    4th August 2016

    Art shines light on plight of missing bushwalker Warren Meyer

    A WOMAN whose husband went missing near Healesville eight years ago has joined forces with writers and artists to draw attention to the alarming numbers of missing people in Australia.

    On Easter Sunday 2008, 57-year-old Warren Meyer from Beaumaris set out for a 10km bushwalk starting at the Dom Dom Saddle carpark, 17km northeast of Healesville, Yarra Ranges.
    He was well-prepared and an experienced bushwalker. He has not been seen or heard from since.

    Mr Meyer’s wife Zee said she believed her husband was killed but her family remained desperate for answers.

    “We went away for the weekend with very close friends and Warren had got up early to go on a simple hike,” Mrs Meyers said. “We believe he has been killed —
    there were reports of out-of-control shooting along a walking track where he was hiking.

    Mrs Meyers is sharing their story as part of the Too Short Stories campaign, an initiative developed by the Missing Persons Advocacy Network and Grey Advertising to highlight the number of missing persons.
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    MULDER Bronze Member


    Search continues for missing hiker - Mt Dom Dom
    Release date: Wed 2 April 2008
    Last updated: Wed 2 April 2008
    Investigations are continuing regarding missing hiker Warren Meyer.

    Beaumaris man Mr Meyer has not been seen since he went hiking in the Mount Dom Dom area on Sunday 24 March 2008.
    It is believed he left the Mount Dom Dom carpark about 7.30am.
    Police would like to speak to anyone who was at the carpark on that day.
    Police urge anyone who was at the carpark during any part of the day to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
    Senior Constable Wendy Willingham
    Media Officer


    27 March 2008 (Update 2)

    0930 hours
    Victoria Police will continue the search today for missing hiker Warren Meyer.
    Entering the fifth day, the search party now consists of more than 100 personnel, from Victoria Police, S.E.S. and the Bushwalkers Search and Rescue Association.
    Inspector Humberstone of the Yarra Valley area says the use of the new mobile police command centre has assisted in the co-ordination of the large number of searchers
    and is providing a central point for the search operation.
    Police resources include four police horses, two special solos (motorcycles), a police canine dog, local police and Search and Rescue crews.
    The S.E.S. has 41 volunteers assisting along with 20 bushwalkers from the Bushwalkers Search and Rescue Association (B.S.A.R.A.)
    Other volunteers include four handlers and two dogs from the Search and Rescue Dog Association (S.A.R.D.A.) and two local horse riders.
    Melbourne Water and Parks Victoria have also provided personnel and are providing great assistance to police.
    Family, friends and searchers are hopeful of success today.


    24 March 2008 (Update 1)

    1150 Hours
    Victoria Police have released the name of the missing male, Warren Meyer a 57-year-old from Beaumaris.
    The search is continuing with the assistance of the State Emergency Service.
    Senior Constable Sharon Darcy
    Media Officer


    24 March 2008

    0340 Hours
    Victoria Police are searching the Mount Dom Dom area for a missing 57-year-old Beaumaris man.
    Police were called to the Mount Dom Dom car park at about 5:15 pm yesterday.
    Investigators have been told that the experienced walker set out at 7:30 am yesterday and was to return at midday.
    He took food, water a phone and GPS with him but has not been seen since.
    Police searched the area and have called in members from the Search and Rescue Squad to assist in the search later this morning.
    Senior Constable Adam West
    Media Officer
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    MULDER Bronze Member


    30TH JULY 2013

    Warren Meyer was last seen by his family in Healesville, on the morning of 23 March, 2008. Warren was leaving for a planned bushwalk in nearby Dom Dom Saddle, Narbethong.
    An experienced bushwalker, Warren was very fit and left well prepared, carrying water, a map of the local area, a satellite navigation device and mobile phone.
    Warren’s vehicle was found left at the car park in Narbethong, with no signs of foul play.
    Police, along with SES, CFA and Parks Victoria carried out an extensive five-day search of the area but were unable to locate any trace of him.
    More than five years on, Warren is still missing. In light of National Missing Persons Week this week, we are asking for your help in finding him.
    Do you know something? Say something. Report confidentially to Crime Stoppers at www.crimestoppers.com.au #missingpersons #seethesigns

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    MULDER Bronze Member


    MULDER Bronze Member

    5th Feb 2015

    Homicide probe into case of missing hiker Warren Meyer launched


    Cold case detectives have started a homicide probe into the disappearance of a hiker who vanished almost seven years ago in the Yarra Ranges.
    His disappearance had been treated as a case of misadventure by police, but it can be revealed that homicide detectives started another investigation late last year.
    Mr Meyer's family had maintained his disappearance was sinister, as he was an experienced hiker who went missing during fine weather conditions in a popular area with well-marked trails,
    while on a walk that was only expected to take a few hours.
    Information was provided to police during missing persons week, which prompted the investigation.

    On March 23, 2008, Mr Meyer left for Mount Dom Dom. Ms Meyer believes he intended to walk either the nine-kilometre Mount Morley track or the 10.5-kilometre Mount Monda track.
    Both are easy and well-known tracks on either side of the Maroondah Highway.
    No trace of Mr Meyer has been found, except for a white Subaru Forester he left in the Dom Dom Saddle car park.

    Coroner John Olle said during a directions hearing in 2013 that police would audit the initial investigation into Mr Meyer's death before starting another probe.
    That was intended to provide a brief for the coroner before a possible inquest, and was separate to the investigation launched late last year.
    Ms Meyer did not want to be critical of the Coroners Court, but said the family was concerned by repeated delays in the case.
    "I just hope that through this process we can make it easier for other families who suffer the same tragedy," Ms Meyer said.
    She hopes Mr Olle agrees to an inquest, which could address claims that evidence was stored incorrectly, and reports that gunshots near where Mr Meyer went missing were not investigated,
    and the possibility Mr Meyer's mobile phone had not been traced by a telecommunications company.

    A spokeswoman for the Coroners Court said Mr Olle had yet to decide whether to proceed with an inquest, deliver a finding without inquest, or close the matter.
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    MULDER Bronze Member

    Warren Meyer
    22nd March 20015

    Missing hiker Warren Meyer may have been killed after stumbling on marijuana crop


    Detectives are investigating whether missing bushwalker Warren Meyer was murdered by drug dealers after stumbling across a marijuana crop growing in Victoria's Yarra Ranges.
    A caller to police during Missing Persons Week last year said Mr Meyer had been killed and his body would never be found, as the murderer had used earth-moving equipment to conceal the crime.
    Two marijuana crops have been found during searches for Mr Meyer since he went missing in 2008 near Mount Dom Dom. Monday marks seven years since he disappeared.
    Mr Meyer's family and friends uncovered a commercial size marijuana crop and electrical leads and hoses while searching rugged bushland along Dom Dom Circuit Road in January, 2009.
    Police had not linked either find to the investigation into Mr Meyer's disappearance until the call last year.

    Zee Meyer, Warren's wife, said the caller told police he became aware of the murder two years earlier. The family of the man responsible owned an earthmoving business, the caller said.
    Detectives are believed to have conducted electronic surveillance of the man but were unable to confirm his involvement.
    Ms Meyer said it was unclear if the crops, and the information provided by the caller, was linked to reports of semi-automatic gunfire in the Yarra Ranges on the morning her husband went missing.
    "It's quite plausible that these crops have something to do with Warren's case," she said.
    "We would like anybody who knows anything about this to speak out.

    "Unfortunately we only have this information seven years later, and we don't want it to get to a point where we have waited a lifetime for answers."
    She fears her family will never get answers because of considerable failings in the initial police investigation, and repeated delays by the Coroners Court.

    The first Coroners Court directions hearing relating to the matter was held almost two years ago, but there is no indication that it will continue to an inquest, as the family had hoped. An inquest date had originally been set for September, 2013.
    Formal police statements have still not been taken from family members.

    Mr Meyer's disappearance has generally been treated as a case of misadventure, but his family have always maintained that it was due to something more sinister.
    Mr Meyer was an experienced hiker who went missing during fine weather conditions in a popular area with well-marked trails, while on a walk that was only expected to take a few hours.
    He was one of seven people featured in Victoria Police promotions during missing persons week last August, and Ms Meyer featured in a story in The Age at the time calling for the force to improve their handling of such cases.

    The Meyer family have started a campaign, "What happened to Warren? Speak up", in a bid to get others to come forward. A reward of $100,000, raised by the family, is on offer.
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  10. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    A small article regarding missing People in the area - which includes Warren Meyers story...

    Andrew Rule: Murder, mystery and myth and death by misadventure
    Andrew Rule, Herald Sun
    February 11, 2017 10:40pm

    When bushwalker Warren Meyer did not return from a walk near Mt Dom Dom in 2008, police assumed he had got lost or ill and died. But his family never believed it —
    and offered a $100,000 reward for information. In 2014 an anonymous caller told police the missing man had been killed and buried.
    This matched the fact the Meyer family had found a commercial-size marijuana crop while searching the area in 2009, and that semi-automatic gunfire was heard there the morning Warren went missing.

    The caller told police he had known about the murder for two years.
    The family of the man responsible owned an earthmoving business, he said.
    Tragically, there’s a conspiracy that makes sense.

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  11. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

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  12. MissyMoo

    MissyMoo Bronze Member

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  13. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Read full Article:

    Missing bushwalker Warren Meyer may have been murdered by dope dealers after he stumbled across their drug crop

    March 24, 2015

    Warren Meyer, 57, disappeared near Healesville in March 2008 during a 10km walk in Mt Dom Dom.
    Theories on his fate included that the Beaumaris man was accidentally killed by illegal deer shooters.
    Now his wife Zee Meyer told the Leader that someone had tipped off police that her husband had stumbled across a marijuana crop and was killed by drug dealers.
    Mrs Meyer said an anonymous caller told police last year that Mr Meyer’s body was concealed by earthmoving equipment and would never be found.
    Mrs Meyer said that a number of local people had already come forward with information about marijuana crops and illegal deer shooters in the Yarra Ranges National Park.
    “Quite a few local people have had experiences in relation to marijuana crops in the area and sometimes the confrontations have been quite significant,” Mrs Meyer told the Leader.
    “One person I have spoken to says he was knocked unconscious and has hearing damage to this day.”


    from Warren Meyer Website
    The family believes that other(s) are responsible for Warren's demise.
    Being Easter it was very busy in the general area of Dom Dom Saddle and there could have been unusual behaviour observed by others on that Easter Sunday, occurrences taking place that may not
    have registered as being important either then or now.
    In particular, the family is keen to speak to any campers, trail bike riders, and hikers etc. who may have witnessed/heard illegal and excessive levels of shooting taking place in or near the water catchment area.
    In addition the family is keen for a trail bike rider to come forward who spoke to a disorientated man in his mid 30's who was asking for help in the general area.


    Interesting that there was a theory regarding the sound of gunfire in the area at the time - and then 2 years later a report regarding the crops that were being grown in the area, and that Warren may have stumbled onto a
    crop and been killed.

    Who was more likely to have a gun?
    - Illegal Hunters, Crop Owners, or both.

    Was there any evidence that trail/night vision/IR cameras had been placed in the area where the crops were?
    - what type of surveillance did the crops have?

    Was the anonymous caller using Warren Meyer's disappearance as a way to get the crops discovered by Police?
    - Did the Police already know about these plantations?

    What was the evidence that Warren Meyer made it onto the trail that day and had begun his walking?

    Did the caller say where Warren had been ambushed, shot, buried?
    - if not, why? (seems a very final statement to say that he would never be found)

    Was the person that was under surveillance by Police, ever questioned in regard to Warrens disappearance?
    - was there ever any establishment made between this person and the illegal crops, or illegal hunting?

    Were K9's used in the search for Warren Meyer?

    ... and just a comment, this is another disappearance related to the Healesville area.
  14. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

  15. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Oh my gosh, what a horrible scenario! How illegal is marijuana in Australia?
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