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Weird case of Rita M. Maze

Discussion in 'Crimes' started by Cousin Dupree, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member


    Tale of 'Kidnapped' Woman's Calls From Trunk in Doubt
    NBC News

    Alex Johnson 13 hrs ago

    ...Other parts of Wednesday's gripping narrative also began to unravel Thursday.

    The FBI — which is part of the investigation because the car crossed state lines — said Wednesday that it had identified a "person of interest" in the case. But Thursday, it told KHQ that it's no longer seeking anybody.

    Asked Thursday by The Spokesman-Review newspaper of Spokane whether people should question Maze's kidnapping narrative, Knezovich, the sheriff, said: "Yes, you should."

    "We know where the body was located; we know where she started out. What happened in between? Don't know," he said, according to the newspaper.
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  2. Ladyslug

    Ladyslug Bronze Member

    This is weird the story I first read said she had spoken to her daughter and a police officer from the trunk.
    And the car had been seen on cctv.
    But no mention of suicide.
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  3. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    That's what I heard as well, Ladyslug.
  4. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    I know, that's why it's so weird. I hope we find out more about this.
  5. Ladyslug

    Ladyslug Bronze Member

    The uk news still only has the origanal story
  6. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    I've been following this on a lot of sites since it happened. It really sounds like a suicide to me. A bizarre, unbelievable suicide. I think that she probably didn't want her family to think that she was committing suicide. Maybe they'd "think less" of her if she died that way, so she concocted this story. I think it would be pretty clear whether it was homicide or suicide. The fact that they aren't actively looking for someone or mentioned a POI or even potential POI is telling to me. No matter what happened, it's horrible. If someone else is responsible, then I hope they are caught soon. Peace to Rita's family.
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  7. MadgeS

    MadgeS Bronze Member

    Hate to say it but I also think it was suicide. Why put her family through so much horror???
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  8. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    Extremely religious family who believes committing suicide will send you to hell?
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  9. spike

    spike Bronze Member

    Ironically, nowhere in The Bible does it say that.
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  10. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    What a story ...
    I cant get my head around what happened - so Ive pasted a timeline of events.
    If it needs correcting - please add or detract
    Sources sited:

    Name: Rita M. Maze,
    Age: 47
    From: Great Falls, Montana
    Occupation: Montana Morningside Elementary school cook & Crosswalk attendant
    Married to: Bob
    Children: Daughter Rochelle

    Investigating Agencies: FBI / Spokane Sheriff /
    Cause of Death: Sept 9th - "pending an investigation" — not a homicide, as authorities had characterized the case a day earlier.
    Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich told NBC station KHQ on Thursday that investigators now are not ruling out anything — including suicide.

    Case Outline:
    Tuesday September 6th:
    - Rita was kidnapped at a rest stop near Wolf Creek, Montana while driving home to Great Falls from a family gathering on September 6. The incident began around 11:25 a.m.
    - Lewis and Clark County Sheriff: The sheriff initially “said that he believes Rita Maze was abducted near Wolf Creek as she was driving from Helena to Great Falls.”
    - Maze Called Her Family From Inside the Car Trunk & Begged for Help, Her Daughter Says - her mother called home from the trunk of her black Pontiac Grand Prix around 10:25 p.m. after being kidnapped and forced into the vehicle.
    - “She (Rita) was talking to my Dad and had told him help me, help me, she was in the trunk of her car, she thinks she was hit with something or by someone, she didn’t really see.
    - “a large man in a black hoodie” had struck her, but she was not even sure whether she was inside her own car trunk.
    - Maze told her family the man had her gun - (Rochelle (daughter), said her mother carried a gun in her purse for protection.
    - Maze was hysterical during the 10-minute phone call
    - Maze Was Also Able to Provide Clues to Police From the Trunk
    - Maze told police “that she was hit over the head at a rest stop on I-15 and taken late Tuesday morning,” September 6.
    - Maze stayed on the phone “talking to her husband and to a Helena police officer as the signal faded in and out on the way to Spokane.
    - a Helena police officer talked to Maze shortly before she died.
    - Rita - police dipatch tweet copy.JPG

    - Police Used Maze’s Phone to Track Her Whereabouts
    - Police (were able) to track her location through cell phone tower signals, said NBC.
    - “The Helena Police Department alerted Spokane authorities about 10 p.m. that Maze might be in the area, and investigators pinged cellphone
    towers to trace her to the industrial area on Geiger Boulevard.” That is where they found the car.
    - However, when they (Police) arrived, it was too late.

    September 8th:
    - The body of Rita M. Maze, 47, of Great Falls, Mont., was found shortly after midnight Wednesday in a parking lot outside Spokane, Wash., International Airport,
    - KREM-TV reported that police found the keys in the ignition of Maze’s car, and a purse in the front seat.
    - Inside the purse, authorities found “$50 in cash, a folding knife and two semi automatic 9mm pistol magazines.
    - They also located blood on the ground near the car,” said KREM.
    - A handgun and two spent casings were next to Maze in the trunk,
    - Her body was found inside the trunk of her car.

    Injuries sustained: Maze died from a single gunshot that struck her chest and abdomen.

    Points of Interest:
    The vehicle that Maze was inside has a latch that would allow a person to open the trunk from inside.
    Rita’s daughter told the news media her mother’s credit card was used to make purchases at convenience stores in Idaho and Washington after the abduction,
    The FBI — which is part of the investigation because the car crossed state lines — said Wednesday that it had identified a "person of interest" in the case. But Thursday, it told KHQ that it's no longer seeking anybody.

    . Rita Maze and daughter.JPG
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  11. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    I think this has already been held - just placing it here for reference:

    Main Stream Media

    11th September 2016

    Candlelight vigil in Great Falls on Saturday for Rita Maze

    Rita Maze, the Great Falls woman who was found dead near Spokane on Wednesday, is being remembered as a loving mother and kind person, whose life touched many people.
    Maze was born and raised in Helena with her 10 sisters and brothers. She moved to Great Falls after her husband accepted a job in the city.
    Maze was very family-oriented, and was close to her kids and also her grandkids.
    Her daughter Rochelle says she was her best friend and she will miss their "mother-daughter" days.

    The family has invited the public to a candlelight vigil at Gibson Park on Saturday, September 10th.
    The vigil will start at 8 p.m. and the family asks people to bring flowers, pictures, and their memories of Rita.
    Rochelle said: "I am asking you don't wear black as my mom was such a bright person she would enjoy colored clothing.
    Bring your own candle or flowers and memories of my mom. I would love to know how she brought all of us together.
    Thank you again."
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  12. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    EXCLUSIVE: The man caught on surveillance video using 'kidnapped' mom's credit card before she was found mysteriously murdered in the trunk of her own car at a Washington gas station. Is HE the killer?

    Dressed in a navy T-shirt and with his face half-hidden under a hat, this is the man who used the credit card belonging to abducted Montana mother Rita Maze on the day she disappeared, according to the attendants at one of the gas stations where her car was last seen.

    The still, taken from surveillance footage at Love’s gas station in Ritzville, Washington, was handed over to the police and obtained exclusively by Daily Mail Online. It raises questions around the identity of the mysterious figure and whether he was involved in her kidnapping and death.

    After Maze was taken at around 11:30am on Tuesday morning, her card was used twice – once at an Exxon gas station in Kingston, Idaho, at 4:16pm the same day and again at Love’s at 9:55pm.

    Just over two hours later, at 12:30am, Maze was found dead in the trunk of her black 2005 Pontiac car which had been abandoned in a parking lot belonging to a trucking company close to the Spokane airport.

    The abduction and murder of Maze, who was 47 and lived in Great Falls, Montana, remains shrouded in mystery with police saying they had a ‘person of interest’ on Wednesday before back-tracking the following day.

    Questions have also been raised about whether she was murdered at all. However, her family insist that there is no way she would have taken her own life and have now hit back at cops over the handling of the case.



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  13. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    : - Wolf Creek MT abduction
    4:16 PM: - Exxon - 123 Stemm Loop, Kingston, ID 83839
    (4 hrs 45 min) -

    4:16 PM: - Exxon - 123 Stemm Loop, Kingston, ID 83839
    9.55 PM: - Loves Gas Station: 1370 N. HWY 261, I-90 Exit 221, Ritzville, WA 99169
    (5 hrs 40 mins)

    9.55 PM: - Loves Gas Station: 1370 N. HWY 261, I-90 Exit 221, Ritzville, WA 99169
    Wed 12.30 AM: - Found: parking lot belonging to a trucking company close to the Spokane airport.
    (2 hr 35 min)

    That entire trip on Google is 6hrs and 51minutes straight
    yet the trip - until the discovery was 13 hours.
    Which route did the car take to take that long?

    (1) If the car was driven direct route from wolf Creek along the highway (there are 2 options) to Exxon where the card was used - the trip was 4hr 16mins or 4hrs 25mins.
    There is still a 20 minute gap.

    (2) From EXXon Kingston ID to Loves Gas Station Ritzville WA - the car took 5hrs and 40 minutes to do the trip.
    The trip on Google by direct route takes only 1 hrs and 50 minutes to do directly along the highway.
    This part of the trip took the car 5 hrs and 40 minutes
    I wonder if the driver stopped somewhere out of sight and daylight for a few hours? Mybe he got news of the abduction?
    or left the highway after the Exxon stop off and took a lesser road that went South - heading off the main routes and came back up to Ritzville WA in a loop - that would take around about 5 hours (depending on the routes)

    Just some question:
    When was Rita supposedly shot and killed?
    The driver had her pin number to use the cards - was Rita still alive in the back of the car for the trip? When did she give him these numbers?
    Did Rita mention that she had given the guy her credit card pin numbers when she was on the phone?
    Was she actually shot much later during the trip?
    Was Rita still alive when at the perol stations?
    When they found Rita in the boot of the car - the gun and the casings seemed staged if they were still beside her body after such a long trip (wouldnt they have moved)
  14. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Confused again about all of this...

    Here is a timeline which was published in the Daily Mail Australia -

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...hington-gas-station-killer.html#ixzz4K1fDxXQU

    11am Tuesday: Rita Maze fills up with gas at a Holiday Station in Helena, Montana after visiting relatives and begins the 1.5 hour-long drive home to Great Falls.

    11.25am: Maze calls her husband Bob to say she may pop in to visit her mom before leaving Helena.

    Between 11.25am - 3.40pm: Maze visits a rest stop on the Interstate 15 where she says she was abducted by a 'large man in a black hoodie' who 'struck her in the head and forced her into the trunk'.

    3.40pm: Bob Maze tries to call his wife but gets no reply.

    4.16pm: Rita Maze's bank card is used at a convenience store in Kingston, Idaho.

    8.20pm: Her concerned family file a missing person's report after they don't hear from her.

    9pm: Police begin tracking her cell and a license-plate reader picks up Maze's car in Post Falls, Idaho.

    9.55pm: Maze's bank card is used at a second convenience store, this time in Ritzville, Washington.

    10.25pm: Bob Maze gets a call from his terrified wife saying she has been kidnapped by a man who has her gun.

    Between 10.25pm and 12.30am Wednesday: Bob Maze says he receives several calls from his wife and daughter Rochelle has a ten minute conversation with Rita until the phone goes dead. Rita also speaks to a Helena police officer.

    12.30am Wednesday: Rita Maze's body was discovered in the trunk of her car in an industrial car park near Spokane Airport, Washington after police traced her cellphone.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
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  15. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    If traveling on I90 from Montana to Washington...he (she? they?) would have driven about an hour PAST Spokane to get to Ritzville, then turned around and came back. Why???

    What made the police start tracking her cell phone and license plate after a simple missing persons report? According to the timeline, they did this around 9:00 pm. But her husband didn't get the "kidnapping" call until 10:30 pm... For a missing adult that seems like a huge jump. Not necessarily a bad one, just a very uncommon one.
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  16. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Yeah I wondered that too SWMNBN - why go past the airport and then come back?
    Thats why I wondered if they had come off the main highway (90) and looped around.
    Maybe the destination was originally to go somewhere else - maybe petrol was low and there was a chance of being seen.
    I wondered what time the news reports started announcing what had happened.

    The maps below are assumed routes to display what Im talking about regarding the time taken on the overall journey - they are not the routes taken as they have not been mentioned - only the areas known from media reports have been marked in.
    That entire trip on Google is 6hrs and 51minutes straight
    yet the trip - until the discovery of the vehicle near the Airport was 13 hours.
    The first map shows a direct route time
    The 2nd map below shows app 11 hours travel

    Rita - car route 3.JPG
  17. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Platinum Member

    Don't you have to get a ticket to park at the airport? They also have camera's in most airport parking lots. If so, do they have video of the car driving in?
  18. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

    SheWhoMustNotBeNamed Administrator Staff Member

    I don't think they were actually in an airport lot. I think they were just *near* the airport. It's really the only thing out there that would be noteworthy as to mention they were "near". But yes, if they were in an airport lot they would definitely have cameras on it.
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  19. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    I think it was an Industrial or Trucking Car Park outside the airport - one of the news articles video showed a signpost of Geiger Blv 7300W

    Google Map - https://goo.gl/maps/bqesnK6ZXT32
    Maybe somewhere around here:
    Rita - car found 2.JPG Rita - car found 4a.JPG

    VIDEO at Link:
    Investigation continues into the death of Rita Maze

    It was Ritas 48th Birthday on Saturday -

    KHQ TV in Spokane says that they have spoken with a member of the Maze family, and were told that they do not believe the person in the photo was involved in Maze's death.

    (Update: Rita's daughter Rochelle said on the KRTV Facebook page on Monday evening that the FBI contacted the family and confirmed that the information in the British tabloid article was false.)

    KREM TV in Spokane talked with Rita's cousin Leann Kaufman over the weekend. Kaufman said she is not happy with the FBI's answers and has done her own digging.

    "She didn't kill herself, She was murdered,” Kaufman said.

    She has gone to the gas station in Ritzville southwest of Spokane.

    "While I was in Ritzville, I was able to talk to some people and verify that she was not in their store. A large man was in their store using her card, which is what she described,” Kaufman said.

    The FBI says they can't give any definite answers yet as to what really happened to Maze.

    They said they will not be able to release any more information until later this week as the investigation continues.

    But Maze's family said they are continuing an investigation of their own, going to every stop Maze made before her death.

    "I'm going to continue to ask questions, I'm going to continue to fight because she would do the same for any one of us,’ Kaufman sai

    So the FBI are saying that the photo was false of the man at the petrol station, and Ritas cousin doing her own followup research says that the she checked and there is CCTV of a man using Ritas
    card and that Rita was not seen at the Service Station.
  20. MULDER

    MULDER Bronze Member

    Report from kxly says that the Exxon Kwik Stop service station was at Silver Valley ... which is off the I90.
    This report also says that there was $25 worth of Petrol purchased, but the FBI has the footage and no one at the Kwik Stop is sure who pumped the gas

    Main Stream Media

    VIDEO at Link:
    Silver Valley surveillance video could shed light on Montana kidnapping

    The Kwik Stop in Kingston is one of at least two places where Maze's credit card was used the day she disappeared. The question is who was seen on surveillance video pumping $25 of gas that afternoon, Maze or someone else?

    Kwik Stop employees say they don't know the answer because they never looked at the video. The FBI asked for a specific time frame and the store handed over the footage.

    Kwik Stop employees say the footage taken at the gas pumps is no longer in their surveillance system, but the FBI have a copy.

    If Maze was seen pumping her own gas in that footage it would cast a lot of doubt in her claims she was kidnapped.

    Rita - Silver Valley quick stop service station.JPG

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