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ZUZU VERK: Texas vs. Robert Fabian for murder *GUILTY*

Discussion in 'Courtroom' started by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    "Six search warrants were released involving the disappearance of Zuzu, 22.

    The warrants say that Zuzu's boyfriend, Robert Fabian, last saw Zuzu between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. on October 12. Fabian reported her missing on October 14 at 1 p.m.

    Zuzu's dog was found running loose in the backyard of her home with its leash still attached to its collar.

    A search warrant for a 2005 Gray Ford F-150 revealed that Fabian borrowed the car from a friend in the early morning hours of October 12.

    A separate search warrant for a 2016 White Ford Mustang states Fabian was picked up by Christopher Estrada from the 500 block of South 16th Street on October 12. Estrada took Fabian to his home on the 400 block of North Harrison.

    The search warrant says that on that same day, Estrada visited a friend around 1 a.m. and seemed distraught and was pacing back and forth.

    The friend told authorities that she asked Estrada if he was okay. She says Estrada told her, "I'm fine. I didn't do anything. If they interview me, I have nothing to say."

    She said Estrada then contacted Fabian and asked if he could come over. She says he had never acted like this in the past and she knew something was wrong.

    A friend of Fabian, Joshua Cobos, told authorities that on Friday, October 14, Fabian went to his gas station and was acting nervous. Cobos said he asked to use his phone and then called Estrada's girlfriend. Cobos said Fabian said, "let me speak to Chris" and walked away to talk in private.

    Earlier that day, authorities say Estrada went to the same gas station to get his car washed. Cobos refused because the place was busy.

    He told police that Estrada came back to the gas station two more times, each time more eager to get his car cleaned.

    A search warrant for Fabian's computer states that the laptop was dropped off at Cobos house, who then turned it over to police.

    Cobos said that the laptop contained "items that Fabian wanted to delete from social media."

    He told Cobos that he "didn't look good" as a suspect in the disappearance investigation.

    Officials released three more search warrants, two for AT&T and one for Celico Partnership dba Verizon Wireless. Authorities say Fabian made two calls to Estrada at 3:15 a.m. on October 12 and contacted him through Snapchat."

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  2. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

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  3. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I wish they would have done something, too. But who ever thinks things will turn out to be an assumed murder? :tears:
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  4. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    True. I've lived in apartment before, with noisy neighbors, so I learned to ignore a lot. From what I've read, the neighbor isn't telling MSM every single detail, as LE has asked him not to.
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  5. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    I don't call when I hear gunshots during the day anymore. I live near the county line and I guess it's hunters, according to LE. But I do call when I hear them at night, which happened once.
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  6. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    I never called at our other house because we were in the country and it was common. Here, in the city, it's another story. I called a couple weeks ago because there was a dark SUV sitting in the library parking lot across from our house - all (ALL) day long, three days in a row - same spot, facing same direction and guy never left the vehicle - sun visor pulled down, etc. watched the cop car pull up beside it, back out and leave o_O SUV did leave about an hour later and hasn't shown back up that I've noticed
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  7. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    Looking back over this thread and I've had it in my head that whatever happened to ZuZu was around 2:00-3:00 am when the neighbor heard the bed shaking, shower running, thumping, etc. But, CE acting odd at his friend's house at 1:00 am keeps sticking in my head. What if....all that noise was cleaning up a mess that happened earlier in the evening (like at dinner - I wonder if she had any known food allergies?)
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  8. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    That's a thought. But why go through all the trouble to hide her if it was an allergic reaction? Am I missing a point?
  9. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    That's true :( I was just thinking, if you wanted somebody to die quietly (no noise or commotion) and they had a severe food allergy....and you were fixing them dinner..... But, then that could easily look like an accident.
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  10. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

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  11. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    Oh my!
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  12. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    FOX 4 NEWS ‏@FOX4 1h1 hour ago

    Alpine PD & Brewster Co. Sheriff's Office investigating remains found outside Alpine. Near area student Zuzu Verk went missing last fall.
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  13. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    Oh no :vigil:
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  14. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    "Human remains were found Friday in West Texas near where Zuzu Renee Verk, a 22-year-old North Texas woman, disappeared four months ago.

    A U.S. Border Patrol agent stumbled upon a shallow grave while servicing equipment and called the Brewster County Sheriff's Office about 10 a.m. Friday, the Sheriff's Office said.

    The remains were found just off Wagon Road in the Sunny Glen area just northwest of Alpine, which is the town where Verk was last seen in October, Alpine police said Friday."

    "Forensic teams from San Angelo and El Paso are also arriving on the scene.

    Alpine police are assisting the Brewster County Sheriff's Department with collecting evidence and the remains, which may not be identified until next week. "

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  15. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    Update: Alpine Police picking up family of Zuzu Verk from the airport. #CBS7

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  16. Kimster

    Kimster Director Staff Member

    Ever look at a picture and think "I'd like to meet her?" That's how I've felt about Zuzu. :vigil:
  17. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

  18. noZme

    noZme Bronze Member

  19. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    Wow. So, it is unofficially Zuzu
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  20. WindStorm

    WindStorm Bronze Member

    "Alpine Police Chief Russell Scown confirms to CBS 7’s Deann Lopez that evidence at the scene, including the human remains, have features which are consistent with a match to Zuzu Verk. No formal identification has yet been made as the remains are being sent to a Dallas Medical Examiner."

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